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Welcome to Laveen Real Estate dedicated to home buyers, sellers and all folks interested in Laveen Az. My name is David Baker, and I’m a Laveen Real Estate agent. I’ve been working the Laveen Real estate market since 2004, and have also been calling Laveen home since 2001. Much like other folks living in the area, I was drawn to Laveen because of the rural feel that also offered proximity to the Mountains and to Central Phoenix. Laveen is the best of both worlds, the place we want to be away from all the hustle of a work day, yet close enough to the city that there is a great convenience factor.

Homes for Sale in Laveen

It is what I do, help buyers find the right property, home, horse property for them in our South Phoenix and Laveen area.

Selling a home - Home Values

Selling is also what we do.  We help home owners get top dollar for their homes by knowing the market, using cutting edge marketing and negotiating skills.


If your looking to sell, chances are I, or even some of my co-workers have the buyer for your home.  Call me today, lets talk about your real estate goals.

Helping with your Real Estate Goals

As a Laveen Realtor, my goal is to help buyers and sellers with their Laveen real estate goals. I strive to make process as easy as possible, so that the purchase or sell is as stress free as possible. In order to achieve this I offer near 17 years of professional realtor experience specializing in Laveen Real Estate residential resale homes, new homes, horse property and acreage. This experience allows me to help my clients avoid the many mistakes that one can make in the buying or selling process, which in turn saves time and money. With my years of experience there is also a network of quality professionals I’m more than happy to recommend to help with the process, such as helping finance the home, inspections, title services, and even home warranties.

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Years of Experience and continued education

Did you know that the Pareto principle applies to most things in life, including the practice of real estate.  The principle states that roughly about 80% of something account for about 20% of the results, and inversely 20% of something can account for 80% of the results.

When it comes to the practice of real estate, it is the same, where you will find a few realtors actually get the vast majority of the deals done.  As an example, in the past we had about 72,000 realtor in our state.  Of the 72,000 only about 12,000 accounted for 4 or more sales in a given year.  

Cutting edge Technology and Marketing

The old ways of selling real estate are gone.  Have you looked to buy a home recently?  Did you start your home search by picking up a booklet of homes for sale in print format from the local grocery store.  No - chances are at the very least you logged on to a computer and searched for homes on the internet.  Maybe you found a real estate application for your smart phone - such as the one I offer for clients.  If interested you can download it here -

Point is - in this ever changing world, even real estate, you will see changes and you must keep up.  I constantly dedicate myself to learning and staying fore front of the technology, and refining our home sales process.


What they say

Over the many years I have been helping many buyers as well as sellers.  In that time, I have collected several video testimonials, written testimonials, and even become good friends with many.  My goal on this website, is more to give you information that you will find useful for purposes of buying a home in the Laveen area - or selling your Laveen home.

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