Preparing Your Home For Sale

What considerations should you be making when preparing your home for sale.  As a home owner of course you want to make sure the property sells for fair market value, and that you are able to maximize your sales price, right?  I’ll assume that you answered yes.  I’ve only heard 1 story where seller sold home for next to nothing, but he had just won the lottery so the sales price did not matter as much.  Likely not the case for most home sellers in the Laveen Az area.

One of the most important aspects to the home is the curb appeal.  When a potential Laveen home buyer drives up to the front of your home, the curb appeal must be there to entice.  I don’t suggest you got out and spend tons of money on making improvements, but make sure you do make the front of home shine its best.  If there is a lawn, make sure that the grass is cut and looking neatly trimmed around the edges.  If there are trees that lose their leaves depending on time of year, make sure that trees are pruned and no excess leaves are littering the yard.  In other words any unnecessary debris should be picked up and the front should be looking GOOD.  I’ve known many buyers that have driven up to a home, and just from initial impression decided to pass on going into the home.  Don’t let your Laveen home be a drive by home for potential buyers, you want them to see the front and keep coming into the home.

Once you get a Laveen home buyer into your home, make sure they can spend their time enjoying what the home has to offer, and not contending with a dirty home.  The cleaner the home the better.  It is almost worth it to pay a professional cleaner to come in and scoure the home, and then try to maintain in during the marketing period.  Not only should it be clean, but try to remove excess clutter.  The feel you want to convey to potential Laveen home buyers, is that of an open floor space with an abundant amount of space.  If you have tons of chair, sofas, couches, tables making for a very tight squeeze navigating the home, this will not convey nice fuzzy feeling to a buyer.  So, clean the home and maintain clean and try to remove excess clutter prior to placing your Laveen home for sale.

Should you make repairs to your Laveen home prior to selling?  This is a really a tuff question to answer, but ideally yes.  If you know of issues with the home, and you’d like to maximize your sales price, you should consider fixing any issues with the home.  The repairs will surely allow the home to be viewed with an appreciation of what the home is, and not as a home that was not maintained.  Place yourself in a home buyers shoes, would you want to make a big purchase, only to have to keep paying more to bring the home up to par.  Most sellers will make repairs that are needed, and maybe some other minor repairs.  Examples of some repairs may be:

  • Patch up dry wall cracks or holes
  • Fix and faucets/toilets that may have a small leak/drip
  • Fix doors that squek or may not close properly
  • Replace any burned out lightbulbs (home buyers want to see the home)

Do these things in preparation for selling your Laveen home, and you’ll be ahead of the curve.  Selling a Laveen home, depending on the market can vary, and you need to make sure you have the edge over your competition(other Laveen home sellers).  Hope these Laveen home selling tips help.


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