Home Selling Tips

Sometimes it is the little home selling tips that can help get the home sold faster and for more money. With over 200 homes sold, and over 9 years working with buyer and sellers in and around the Laveen area, I’ve got some simple tips I’d like to recommend for home sellers.
First impressions can go a long way to getting your home sold. Consider removing excess furniture and even personal items from the home. The removal of those items will help make the home feel more open and inviting. Also consider removing personal photos, sometimes this will help potential buyers have visions of themselves in home and not just current owners. Also cleanliness of home should never be overlooked. Try your best to have the home in as clean a condition as possible whenever selling. Dust, clean, mop that home like it has never been mopped before, the effect on a potential buyer is definitely a positive.

The easier a home is to show the easier it can be to sell. Over the years the number of people through a home prior to an offer varies, but one thing is a constant – you need to have visitors through your home to get an offer. The more people you can have view your home, the better your chances are of getting the home sold. Limiting the hours for realtors and their potential buyers to view a home will also reduce the amount of possible viewers to your home, and thus also the potential offer/s. Some home owners have circumstances that may require advance notice, or even a by appointment viewing. Just keep in mind, the easier it is the show, the more viewing of your home are likely to occur.
While there are other tips one can consider these two are in my opinion the biggest. Sure pricing home right, making some repairs as needed also could be considered, making information as readily available as possible.
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