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Spanish Speaking Laveen Realtor – David 602.373.6345


Spanish Speaking Laveen Realtor – David 602.373.6345                  

 When selling your Laveen Az home don’t limit your target audience, choose a larger audience by working with a Spanish speaking Laveen realtor.  Did you know that the Spanish speaking community is the 2nd largest group of home buyers in Laveen Az?  The Spanish speaking population in Laveen is almost 40% of the population, so are you limiting your potential home buyers if you are not working with a bilingual agent who knows how to market to both audiences?

I am a Bilingual Spanish speaking Laveen realtor, who specializes in real estate in the South Phoenix and Laveen markets.  I have been working in real estate full time since 2004, and to date have closed over 230 homes, helping both buyers and sellers with their real estate transactions.

How can a Spanish speaking Laveen realtor help you sell?   The big difference with a Spanish speaking Laveen realtor is that agent will begin to market your home to the English speaking community as well as the Spanish speaking community.  Go back to the statistics mentioned above (from 2013 census), almost 40% of the population in Laveen is Hispanic, don’t ignore such a large number.  Ignoring the fact that such a large portion of our Laveen and Phoenix real estate market is Spanish speaking would be to lose out out many possible buyers!!  The more buyers for your home, the better the chance at getting your PRICE or maybe a little more.  I get calls weekly from signs, marketing I do, and many are from Spanish only buyers, so this is just a big FYI.

All agents technically start with the same things, but you’ll notice much like in life, not all realtors produce the same results or number of sales.  Average agent in US only sells 7 homes a year, I have been averaging about 43 a year for the last 4 years.  This needs to be said, because regardless of whether someone speaks Spanish, do they know how to market themselves and your property.  You can view a marketing plan I’ve put together on this website by clicking here to view.  This really is just a small portion, as there are many checklists that need to be done when listing a home for sale, but it gives a basic run down of what is done to sell a home. 

Also note the attached photo/map of sold homes I’ve completed in the last several years. Shows something that not all agents can show, a proven track records as well as area knowledge.

Laveen Real Estate Agent
Laveen Real Estate Agent


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