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South Phoenix and Laveen Realtor


South Phoenix and Laveen Realtor

There are thousands of Realtors in Arizona and there are many choices as well when it comes to a South Phoenix and Laveen Realtor.  So how can you go about determining who to choose?  I think it comes down to skills and experience, so to the point let me share why David Baker is the right choice for helping with your South Phoenix or Laveen real estate needs.

Experience – As a realtor, I have been helping clients since 2004 with buying and selling homes.  As with many things, there is a learning curve and mine has grown over the years.  I have over 240 home sales to my credit, and have begun to average over 25 homes a year.  This is way above the national average for most real estate agents.  With the experience of more transactions, an agent develops a much broader experience base which is directly benefitting my clients.

South Phoenix and Laveen Realtor
South Phoenix and Laveen Realtor

Communication – The lack of communication is a pet peeve of mine.  I like my clients to know what is going on during a transaction, and this is done through communication.  Clients will always have easy access to me via cell phone, e-mail or even text.  I actually tend to answer my calls 9 times out of ten, unless I’m with a client at the time.  If that is the case calls are returned immediately after my appointment.

Multiple Languages – This is a great skill to have as a realtor in the Phoenix Arizona area, and I’m fluent in both English and Spanish.  With the demographics in Phoenix area being made up largely of folks speaking English and Spanish, you DO NOT want to exclude a portion of that market.  Did you know the Phoenix area is comprised of 40% Hispanic demographic?  While there are many Spanish speaking folks that are English speaking as well, the preference in the culture is to speak directly with a Spanish speaking realtor/agent.  It is really important to include as many potential buyers into your marketing as possible, and based on demographics statistics you really want to add them to the equation.  If you do not include them to the equation, you are leaving out a pretty large portion of the population and as a seller that narrows your potential buyers.

Marketing – Having the right tools to leverage and the knowledge of marketing to the largest audience is a huge skill.   For buyer or sellers looking in the South Phoenix or Laveen area they would come upon a couple of my websites.  This of course is to market myself and my services, but it goes to show that my on line marketing works.  Many searches for my areas of specialty will find me on the first page of google and sometimes multiple times on the first page of google.  I also use these skills to promote my clients listing online to the biggest audience possible, including as mentioned above the Hispanic population.  My marketing also includes virtual tours, property specific websites, property promotion on a multitude of websites, social marketing (Facebook/twitter/g+), national real estate websites and so much more.  You can visit my website at to learn about my marketing plan, which can be found under the seller tab.

Market Knowledge –  Understanding and strong knowledge of the South Phoenix and Laveen real estate market is a must to be able to fully help out clients.  It is part of my routine to study the market trends in my industry for Phoenix as a whole, but also more specifically for the areas for which I specialize South Phoenix and Laveen.  This includes reviewing real estate statistics that I myself pull through our multiple listing service (mls), as well as monthly statistical analysis by top economists in my industry.  This gives me not only the knowledge of what is going on in the market, but also insight of what is likely coming down the road.  As they say, knowledge is power, and studying the market gives the knowledge needed to help to empower my clients to make the best decision for their real estate goals.

South Phoenix and Laveen Realtor
South Phoenix and Laveen Realtor

Negotiation – With experience and real estate market knowledge as mentioned before also comes a great skill needed to get the best deal for my clients and that is the skill of negotiation.  While things change based on the market trends, one thing is a constant and that is that a good realtor brings the art of the negotiation to the table.   A good realtor can make sure to negotiate the best deal for you regardless of whether you are selling or buying.  This skill can help you spend less out of pocket for your purchase by saving you thousands on the price or even negotiating seller concessions/credits, or possibly a combination of both.  On the selling side, this can also help you save thousands of dollars by making sure to leverage the skill and market knowledge to get the highest offer with the least concessions.  Lacking this skill is one that can cost thousands of dollars to be left on the real estate table.


Skills are a differentiation between realtors not only here in South Phoenix & Laveen, but throughout the US and the world.  Some may have one or two skills, but it is those with more skills that truly help their clients get the most for their money.  Frankly, it is rare to see agents have the skills I’ve listed above, so I hope I’ve made a good case for why David Baker should be given the opportunity to earn your real estate business.





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