December 13

Sellers Tips for South Mountain or Laveen Home Owners


By David Baker – Things sellers should consider if sellling in South Phoenix, South Mountain or Laveen.


Likely the single biggest mistake home sellers in our area make, is to set a too high list price. A list price suited both to the home and to the market conditions will likely attract more buyers, increasing the likelihood that you’ll get a higher price in the end.

Staging the Home

Sellers houses that are not at their best are another source of lost profit. Act on good advice you are given about cosmetic changes and minor repairs.  Small cosmetic changes that are cost effective can make a large impact on first impressions from buyers.

A sellers home that shows clean, tidy and sweet-smelling goes without saying.

  • Sellers should allow for viewing hours for the greatest accessibility to buyers. In a competitive market, people can easily go elsewhere and fall in love with another house.
  • Home sellers should not be home during the showings. Prospective buyers feel more comfortable raising concerns and poking about when the current owners are not present.
  • Home sellers should remove as many personal items as possible. The things that mark the house as yours interfere with the buyers’ abilities to imagine it as theirs.


Other Considerations

Sellers should sell before you buying to avoid loss of negotiating position at both ends. Plan for the move early, and pack as much as you can as soon as possible.

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