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Question: Should I sale my Laveen home?


By David Baker Real Estate Agent

Should I sale my Laveen home?  This is a question that I get all the time as a Laveen real estate agent.  Been working in the business now for going on 10 years, and for some reason this keeps coming up for people.  Maybe deep down most home owners already know the answer but sometimes want to check with others to make sure it is indeed a good decision.

So I’m dedicating this article in trying to answer the question, Should I sale my Laveen home?  The answer may seem overly simplistic but it really is a simple question in most instances, at least it is for me as a real estate agent.  The answer really is dictated by the home owner’s personal or work life and what it is that they desire.  There are different reasons that people would consider moving and the can be things such as:

Relocating for work

Relocating for proximity to family

Health reasons

Looking to move up to a bigger home (family is growing in size)

Looking to move down to a smaller home (kids have gone off to college)


Death in the family


These are really but a few reasons people decide to sell, and of course many more that run in all directions.  The real question that needs to be addressed when considering whether one should “sale my Laveen home”, is if it in the best interests of you, home owner. 

Should I sale my Laveen home, the financial side.  This really can have multiple sides to it, as it can be the financial side in terms of the money made at the end of the sale or it could also mean would one save money in some way if they were to sell the home.  The first is pretty simple to answer, just have a real estate agent give you an idea of current market value for the home and then deduct fees associated with the sale of a home.  This will give you an idea of the amount of money you will end up with in your pocket after covering all expenses associated with the sale, included any liens on the home such as taxes or loans.  If the number or amount of money after all expenses meets your needs, then this makes it easier to decide to move forward, right?  Also I implied that one could consider the sale of the home if it would mean saving money.  As an example somebody may have had a home with children that are now off to college and there is no need for the large home and all the expenses associated with owning the larger home(electric, gas, water, rooms not being used).  If that is the case (or similar type situation) then one can also look at fees associated with the sale of the home, but also look at estimates for payments on something that may be smaller.  Does the savings justify the sale of the home?  In both situations really it comes down to numbers and if the numbers make sense for the home owner.  A real estate agent can help you figure out those numbers, don’t be shy about asking.


What do you want out of your life?  This to me is a really important question to have answered, because in truth it can answer many questions and dictate the direction of your life.  What is important to you, and where and what do you want to be doing with your life.  Life is short, it goes by in the blink of an eye and shouldn’t you be doing with it what you enjoy?  Not only doing what you enjoy but maybe also being with those that are important to your life?  So if you desire to be in another area of town here in Phoenix, or if you want to be closer to your family in another state, then those are important reasons when asking yourself “should I sale my Laveen home”?  I have helped many people sell their homes that had grandkids in another state and wanted to be closer to the children.  I also have helped many buyers purchase horse property in Laveen and Phoenix, as it is a big goal for many in the area to own horse property.  Maybe you are pretty happy with your home over all but also happen to like working on your car, which in a subdivision means you’re working on your car in the driveway.  Problem with working on your car in a subdivision is that generally the HOA (home owners association) does not take too kindly to your auto repairing skills and may even access your fines because it is a violation of the policies to work on cars in the driveway.  So, choice needs to be made live the life you have not working on cars, or relocate so that you can live the life you want.

In summary, I really think that if you look at why you are wanting to sell your home and decide that it can make financial sense, then you have likely come to a conclusion.  The question of should I sale my laveen home becomes a lot easier to address when you have looked at both the financial reasons and the overall reason for making a move.

I am a local Laveen real estate agent, so if you have been asking yourself “should I sale my Laveen home”?, I am close by and ready to help.  You can call me directly at 602.373.6345 or e-mail me at dabaker21@msn.com.  If selling is in your future, I want to help you get it done.  Also feel free to request an appointment right at this link.


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