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Horse Property – Horse Property in Phoenix Arizona and Suburbs


horse property
Horses chilling at horse property in Laveen Az

Horse property was one of the reasons I ended up moving to South West Phoenix, to the little suburb known as Laveen Az. Of course we are in the South Western part of the United States, and the rural way of life can still be seen. The surprising thing though about Laveen Az, as well as some other local communities, is the rural feel so close to the city. Laveen for example is only about 25 minutes drive from down town Phoenix, using city streets. One could work in a Central Phoenix sky rise, and be back home on horse property in a semi rural setting within 25 minutes.

Laveen is not the only area having horse property and acreage. Other areas were one could have horse property would include: Tempe, Chandler, Mesa, Ahwatukee, Tolleson, Goodyear, New River, and of Course Scottsdale. By no means is this list complete, but more off the top of my head. Depending on were one worked, one could select a city or area that would better serve their needs, but still offer the benefit of allowing horses.

Horse properties also come at different values.  There are many custom or semi custom homes in the Phoenix area that have horse privileges.  There are also several for example in the North Phoenix or Scottsdale area that are luxury homes with horse set up.  Some of these homes have set up for several horses and include riding arenas for training.  You can look to spend anywhere from $300,000 to as high at the multiple million dollar range.  The key in finding what will work for you, is to know what you are looking for in the first place.  Are you a home owner that wants luxury, as well as a good horse set up.  Are you a buyer looking for a home with horse set up close to mountain so you can trail ride?  These are all things that can make your home search easier.  Just make sure to speak to your realtor and advise them exactly what your are wanting, so a proper search can be made.

Need help, just let me know.  You can also click here for horse properties in the Laveen area.  Want help setting up your own custom search, click the contact button on top and either call or shot me a message.



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