January 19

Laveen Realtors better for Selling my Laveen Home?


By David Baker

Laveen Realtors indeed are better for selling your home in Laveen, and let me tell you why.


Laveen realtors often will live in the area, and who better to have a vested interest in you getting the best price.  Now, not all Laveen realtors will actually live in Laveen, but they will work the area as their farm.  Basically this means they also have a vested interest in the area, as they have decided it is there place of work.


Laveen realtors will know the area market the best.  Can’t speak for all realtors, but as to myself, every Monday morning I study the market conditions.  I look up Metro Phoenix, Ahwatukee, Scottsdale, but more specifically Laveen and South Phoenix.  I do these studies so that I know the real estate market and values of homes in areas around Phoenix.  Yet being a South Phoenix an Laveen realtor, I really look deep into the South Phoenix and Laveen real estate market.  I’d assume most Laveen realors also will look up to see any new homes coming on to the market, cancellations and even expired’s in the Laveen area.


Laveen realtors may sell your house much faster than a realtor that does not specialize in the area.  It may not come immediately to mind, but when considered what agent most likely will have at any given time willing and able buyers looking to buy a home in Laveen?  I would bet that most Laveen realtors are generally working with one or more buyers looking to buy in the Laveen area.  If you decide to use a realtor specializing in Luxury homes in the Biltmore, do you think the have a pocket buyer looking for a small acre ranch in Laveen?  Chances are likely very small that a realtor specializing outside the area would have any buyers they are working with currently looking to buy  in Laveen.


Laveen realtors are area specialist, and will help you best.  I’ve been a full time Laveen realtor since 2004, and have helped over 100 sellers since 2011, in selling their home.  If your looking to sell your Laveen home, and are considering Laveen realtors, please contact me so I can share my marketing and experience to get your home sold too.

Laveen Realtors


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