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By David Baker

May 12, 2014

Let the Laveen Real estate update get away from me a little bit over the last month and a half.  Let us get you updated on what is happening in the Laveen real estate market.


Current Active homes           – 221

Median Sales price in last 30 days – $180,687

Average price per square foot  $83.91

You’ll notice a difference in average sold price per square foot in the Laveen real estate market since I last posted in March.  Let me share that the Laveen market has actually been pretty stable since about June 2013.  There has been some variance in dollar per square foot, but since June 2013 that variance has only be about $5 give or take in the $80 a square foot range.  

If your considering selling, I would strongly encourage you to request a FREE market evaluation to help determine the value of your home.  The numbers used for this post are based on all sales in the zip code.  For accuracy to your specific home you will want to look at Laveen real estate that most closely resembles your home.

March 24, 2014

Laveen Real estate continues to move along nicely.  While we continue to have more new listings hitting the market place, the number of home sales has picked up a bit from earlier this year.  We currently have about 4.45 Months of inventory in the Laveen market.

Current Active homes -236

Median Sales price in last 30 days – $182,943

Average price per square foot $89.31

Hope this quick, fast update for Laveen real estate market helps you keep in touch with our market.  Should you have any questions for a specific property, please contact me directly.

March 17, 2014

So here we go, another week of the Laveen Real estate market update.  This is a little blip, in which I try to share what is currently happening within my Laveen real estate market.

It appears that the market is showing good stability for the time being.  Since February 2014, we have hovered between 209 and 220 active listings.  With Laveen homes sale being in the mid to high 40’s a month, we have been sitting at about a average of 4 plus months inventory of homes.  The good news is that home values are holding steady, and dollar per square foot as well, hovering in the mid to high $80’s.  For home sellers, this is good as we enter the spring and summer which are always good times to sell.

Active Laveen homes   216

Median sales price         $191,003

Sales price to list Ratio is still averaging about 96% list to sales price.

If your considering selling, I would recommend a home evaluation by a professional realtor.  While the numbers here given are information, they also use all homes in the Laveen Real estate area, and it is best to use similar homes when deciding on home value.

March 10, 2014

Welcome to another week of the Laveen Real estate market update.  One thing that I have found by keeping constant watch over the market, is that you can gauge what the pulse of the real estate market is doing.  My goal of course is to have as much knowledge of the Laveen Real estate market as possible, so that I can help my clients to the best of my ability.  With that in mind, here are this weeks numbers:

Properties currently active: 213

Median Sales Price: $185,000

Sales price to list Ratio: 96%    – This indicates the average list price to sales price for the mls average.  Based on statistics prepared by MLS.

Average days on market: 84

Current Months Inventory: 3.73

This are all important things to know if your currently considering selling your home.  Laveen real estate has been in a buyers market since the mid-November 2013.  Inventory grew to 5.8 months inventory in February, but sales have had an up tick in recent weeks.  This in turn has helped reduce some of our Laveen real estate inventory.




March 3, 2014

Welcome to another week of Laveen Real Estate Market update.

What had been a steady increase of active listing in Laveen, has slowed in the past seven days.  I’d mentioned before how since August 2013, the number of weekly active listing had been steadily increasing.  This week we only see an increase of one listing, and closings jumped up to 55 closings in the last 30 days.  This is good news for Laveen Real Estate, as we have just seen a small drop in inventory to 4.01 months, and the average sales price increased to $191,377.  For folks that like to track Laveen home values by square footage, the average for last 30 days is $86.99 sq. ft.

It will be interesting to see what happens in the weeks to come with our Laveen Real Estate market.  If market continues with steady numbers of sales and averaging about the current listing inventory, prices should remain stable and potentially still show slow but steady increase.  If we see home inventory grow beyond 6 months, we may start seeing a slow down of the Laveen Real Estate market.  Time will tell.

February 24, 2014

Welcome to this weeks Laveen real estate market update.

Laveen overall is still seeing overall very stable pricing, which has been the case since August 2013.  Currently we are seeing the average square foot price of $84.50 for Laveen real estate.  Now keep in mind, this figure lumps all into computing the average figure, including mobiles, single family homes, town homes and even horse property.  The big take way though, is that Laveen real estate values are staying pretty stable.  We are currently sitting on:

220 active homes

43 sold in last 30 days

The two above figures give Laveen real estate and average of about 5.11 months of inventory.  This is a good thing for buyers, as they are now having market more in their favor.  Yes, buyers now have more choices of homes to select, are less likely to have to compete against other buyers on the same home.  So buyers, with interest rates still at historic lows, it really is a good time to get off the fence and buy!!



February 17, 2014.

Welcome to this weeks Laveen Real Estate market update.  Lets start by looking at the Valley as a whole, and it is interesting to see that active single family homes has grown another 300 active homes in 7 days.  The good thing is that sold homes in last 30 days picked up a bit as well, so current inventory stands at 5.29 months.  That current inventory is a smidgen down from last week.

Laveen real estate active single family homes stands at 224 Laveen homes for sale.  That is a huge jump of 15 new homes to the market in just 7 days.  Last 30 days we also did see an increase in sold homes, closing the last 30 days with 45 Laveen homes sold.  This current activity puts laveen real estate at about a 4.97 month inventory.  For several week Laveen real estate had been holding steady between $83-$85 a square foot, but this week we did see our first drop below that mark since October 2013.  Laveen real estate is currently averaging about $81.86 a square foot for the homes sold in last 30 days.

What does this all mean for Laveen real estate?  Good questions!!  Generally economy of scale will tell you the more supply, the less the demand and vice versa.  So when inventory grows, you tend to see the market slow down, and some times even see prices drop to keep buyers buying.  Will this happen?  Unfortunately there is no crystal ball to tell us that answer.  Active homes have been increasing pretty steady since October 2013, and prices had remained stable since that time as well.  We did have three weeks of past 30 day sales averaging about $81 – but the rest of the time it has been $83 to $85.

Keep in mind, these values can give you an idea of what is going on in Laveen real estate.  If considering selling be sure to request a FREE valuation to your home, that way you get an accurate value.  These averages are lumping all SFD homes in the zip code.

February 10, 2014 

Welcome to my Laveen Real estate market update.  This update for Laveen real estate comes to you on February 10, 2014.

Lets start todays look at the market with also looking at a recent trend in the Metro Phoenix market.  Since about August 2013, the metro Phoenix real estate market had begun to see an increase in new listings to the market.  Some weeks saw increased between 300 to as much as 700 new listings to the market.  Sales have remained pretty constant through out the period.  What this translates is to larger inventory, less competition among buyers, longer days on market for sellers.  What is interesting is that values have been stables for the last stables months, keeping at about $117 to $119 a square foot.


Laveen real estate has been following the same trend with increase in number of homes hitting the market.  We started in August 2013 with about 138 active listing on the market.  Currently we stand at 209 active listings in the laveen real estate market.  Inventory has grown to about 5.2 months of inventory.  (This is for single family homes).  This is now a buyers market folks, which is good for buyers.  Over the course of the last year or more, buyers were competing with other buyers, investors to try and secure a home.  While homes are still selling quickly when priced right, buyers are having an easier time getting into a home of their choice.

Average price per square foot is about $84.46, in the laveen real estate area.



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