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Laveen Real Estate Agent | 4 Things to consider to Select a Laveen Real Estate Agent


Laveen real estate agent


Finding and deciding on the right Laveen real estate agent is important.  When deciding to move forward on either the purchase or sell of a home, you want to be sure to be adequately represented.  For most folks the purchase or sale a Laveen home is going to be one of the largest financial transactions conducted in a lifetime.  With amounts financed generally being many times over ones yearly income, it is important to select professionals that are experienced and knowledgeable.  A good Laveen real estate agent will have the information needed and will be able to convey that information in such a way to make sure to help buyers and sellers make the decision that is in their best interest.

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Communication is one attribute that a good Laveen real estate agent should process.  Not only should a Laveen real estate agent be able to communicate with you, the realtor® should also be easy to reach by phone, e-mail or text.  In the times we are now living with smart phones, laptops and other technology at our disposal, getting in communication with your Laveen real estate agent should not be hard.  Experiencing trouble getting your agent on the phone, or to respond e-mails or texts is a clear sign of a lack of good commutation.  As mentioned, a realtor® should be able to explain and communicate the process of the purchase or sale.  In today’s real estate market, there are several documents, disclosure forms and steps that must be taken to successfully sell a home, and a realtor® should be able to explain these forms to their clients.  Any buyer or seller of a home should be made fully aware of the process and steps that will occur along way.  After all the purchase of a home is a process and can take on average 30 to 40 days to wrap up once an offer is received.  The Laveen real estate agent you choose should be able to explain this process, and explain it well.  If you have any doubts as to what the steps are in the process, then you should be sure to ask your realtor®, because your knowledge of the process will help make the most informed decision.

Area knowledge as well as Market knowledge is paramount in choosing the right Laveen real estate agent.  Knowledge of the area is simple for realtors that work an area.  This includes knowing streets, knowing where area business are located, the local library, grocery stores and just a good overall knowledge of the area.  It helps if your Laveen real estate agent also has lived in the area as well as worked in the area for a number of years.  Ask yourself, how likely would a Cave Creek specialist be to have buyers ready and willing to a buy a home in Laveen?  Also, how easy will it be for them to schedule time to show potential buyers homes in Laveen?  As for market knowledge this would be a working knowledge of sales going back years, the history of subdivisions, the peculiarities of some areas in Laveen, why values in different areas vary, the good deals, the bad deals, market trends, seller market or buyer market, best times to sell in Laveen, average sales prices, average days on market and other such statistical information.  Also there are several different niches or markets that potential buyers may be interested in, and does the Laveen real estate agent have knowledge in that area of the market?  Laveen real estate for example offers older homes, subdivision homes, golf course lot homes, mountainside homes, and even horse properties.  Laveen homes for sale include homes in subdivisions, homes on acre lots, homes with well water wells, home on septic system, all of which require a certain amount of knowledge.

Laveen Real Estate Agent
Laveen Real Estate Agent

Experience and years in business is another factor to consider when looking for the right Laveen real estate agent.  Experience is simply how the realtor has been able to gain their knowledge by undergoing, encountering and dealing with different situations in the real estate transaction to gain the wisdom necessary to overcome similar situations in the future.  Based on statistics from 2011(and they are similar every year) only 11,461 of over 72,000 in AZ realtors do more than 3 real estate transactions in a given year.  Only 1500 agents in Arizona complete more than ten transactions in a given year.  What this tells is that it is important to make sure and select a Laveen real estate agent that has the experience necessary to successfully help throughout the entire real estate transaction.  A good question to ask would be “how many homes have you sold, or help a buyer purchase”?  As a realtor, I have managed to average about 50 homes sold every year for the last several years.  This experience has helped me market, negotiate and overcome obstacles during transactions to help meet my client’s goals.

Laveen Real Estate Agent
Laveen Real Estate Agent

As a potential seller you would want to make sure the Laveen real estate agent has a marketing plan and a proven track record.  Mentioned previously was experience.  If a realtor has a good marketing plan for selling homes, then the results should be several homes sold which would indicate a pretty good track record.  It may also be a good idea to look on the internet for reviews of any potential Laveen Real estate agent you may be considering.  Testimonials from past clients is a good indicator of whether a real estate agent has done a good job.  You can see some examples of my past testimonials by clicking here to view written and even some video testimonials.  As to a marketing plan, this is a written plan on what basic activities your Laveen real estate agent will do to promote, maximize exposure, and get to as many potential buyers as possible to view your home as possible.  It need not be exhaustive, as the real estate transaction has SO MANY variables and things to do, but it should be at least a basic simple plan to market the home.  Will the Laveen real estate agent just place home on MLS, or do they also leverage technology to give properties the highest exposure possible.  Do they have good exposure on google with their own website?  One question which I think is important, is does the Laveen real estate agent market to buyers in Laveen?  An agent that does market to buyers in the area stands a much better chance of showing your home to potential buyers than an agent that does not, right?


Hope information has been helpful and informative.  The goal is really to help potential buyers and sellers make an informed decision in selecting the right Laveen real estate agent.


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