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Laveen Properties for Sale


Laveen properties come in all sizes and range of prices, so what can you get for your money?

 First consider the location which is really one of the main reasons that Laveen AZ is a popular location for home buyers to consider buying their next home.  Central Laveen AZ, which is about 51st ave and Baseline Rd, is only about a 25 minute street drive from central phoenix.  This makes for real easy commutes for most folks looking to keep work commutes in the lower time frame.  With the I-10 accessible either through Baseline Rd, 35th Ave or 51st Ave, the choice is also available to access multiple more routes via highways.  Regardless, location is great.

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Rogers Ranch Home for sale
Laveen Properties for Sale

Second consider prices in the area and what you can get for your money.  While values have gone up all over the valley of the sun, the affordability in Laveen and South Phoenix is still reasonable.  I can point to one home I currently have under contract, it is priced at $229,000 and is a 3600 square foot home!!!  That is right a 3600 square foot home for $63.62 a square foot.  Not sure how many buyers looking in the Phoenix metro area realize what a great price that is for a home.  This would actually also be for a newer home, built 2006, large lot, and with a 3 car garage and side RV gate. 

What would your payments look like on a great deal for a Laveen property for sale?  Well given a purchase price of $229,000, with a loan amount of $220,000, one could look to pay about $1355 a month.  This would include home owner’s association fee, taxes, mortgage insurance, or in other words pretty much all inclusive.  This is based on current interest for a qualified buyer, with a $10k down payment.  Chances are your payments would vary a bit depending on your credit, the choice of loan ones uses to finance the home, and of course loan amount.

Again, to see all Laveen properties for sale click this link

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