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 The best place to look for homes for sale in Laveen is on the Laveen Az mls search.  What is the Laveen Az mls search you may ask, so let me share.

Laveen Az MLS Search
Laveen Az MLS Search

The Laveen Az MLS search is a search tool that can be used to look for homes for sale in the Laveen Az area.  More importantly the MLS (multiple listing service) is the tool used by realtors to begin their marketing for listings they have taken. 

Quick history, years back each realtor working an area would begin to accumulate a book of homes they had for sale.  Problem back in the old days was that the listing agent generally also had to go out and find the buyer for the home as well.  Imagine 1920’s gentleman working a street corner with a list of homes currently for sale on the market.  Any buyer looking for a home knew that the person to talk to about potential homes on the market was working that street corner.  So you’d go to the street corner talk to the sales man and see if a deal could be done.  Lot of work to be done, and of course it was not like you could even get an idea of what time of home was for sale, unless the salesman could give you a great visual description that could be interpreted.  Years go by, and then sales people are now called realtors, and now the agents have a binder with some photos and property descriptions.  Many realtors that have been in the business for over 15 years may still remember the binders.  Every week local brokerages would share new homes on the market, and of course try to update those under contract and sold.  So you see many realtors combined their efforts to promote their listings to other agents and vice versa.  This was the start of being able to as a buyer get a more robust search for exactly what you were looking for in a home.

Laveen homes for sale
Laveen Homes for sale

Fast forward to the dawn of the computer and internet era and now you have the Laveen Az mls search.  Now all realtors and brokerages in our area share information of active properties for sale, and they do so on-line.  It is a site that enables brokers and agents to cooperate toward the goal of promoting and selling homes.  When a new listing is taken by a realtor, one of the first things the real estate agent will do in to place the home in the mls to begin marketing.  If home goes under contract, is cancelled, expired or sold, then the mls will be updated.  Any update to the system in seen REAL TIME.  This is THE site that realtors use to sell the homes, but also to notate the status of any sale.  I say this because it is important to know that the MLS is the definitive source for the best information of homes for sale in Laveen Az.  So if you are in the market for a Laveen home, feel free to use my Laveen Az mls search here.

Have fun searching


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