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Is Selling My Home the Right Choice?


Is Selling My Home the Right Choice?


I have seen and heard some folks ask, “Is selling my home the right choice?”

Well this is really a loaded question, and one that can only be answered by the home owner.  My experience is that home owners sell for a variety of reasons.  If you are currently considering selling your home, you need to dig deep and find out why is it that you are considering the sale.  If you ask yourself some questions you may find out the answers, and can then determine if selling is the right choice.


For example, some questions to ask:

Does the home give you joy?  Does being a home owner in that particular home give you a sense of pride?  Sometimes you may find that you just don’t like the house.  Maybe the home is much more than you ever wanted to take on in term of maintenance or even updating.  I continually think that life is short, we must take the time to really enjoy it and get the most out of it.  If something is not giving you joy, maybe you need to consider selling.  If the home is giving you joy, then you now there really is no reason to consider sale.


Do you like the area you live?  You may love the home you’re in, but absolutely hate the area you live.  Ever have a home that is right next the worst neighbor ever.  Maybe it is next to a frat house that has loud parties EVERY night.  Maybe it is next to someone that is always working on their cars, revving engines and front drive looks like an industrial zone and not a housing community.  You may just not like the neighborhood or changes that often happen over time in different areas.  If you like it, then there really is no reason to consider a sale.  If you don’t like area, ask yourself it life would be better living somewhere else.  Life is short, I think you deserve to live where you want.


If you have kids, do you like the schools and the school system?  I’ve often seen home buyers base home buying decisions based on schools and their rating in an area.  You may be a home owner but only recently have had the need to send a kid to school.  Maybe you don’t like the school system, or have a preference to another school and district.  Again, life is short, make choices that will help you live the life you want.  You may be able to enroll your kid in the school of your choice, but what if the distance makes it time and cost prohibitive.  Again, make the choice to lead the life you want.


When it comes down to it the choice of whether selling a home is always that of the home owner.  If considering selling your home, then you need to make sure you understand why you’re considering.  If the reasoning makes sense, then you have answered your question and made a choice.


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