June 21

Finding a Laveen Az Realtor


How do you go about finding a Laveen Az realtor?

In the world we live in today this question is very simple to answer, jump on the internet and goolge, bing or yahoo “Laveen Realtor”.  Chances are you will get a several pages worth of information for potential candidates to consider for help with either buying or selling a Laveen Az home.

Of course the reason for this blog as well is to make sure you work with the right Laveen Realtor.  If you’ve found this blog post and likely my website, you can view information about the Laveen Az area.  The site will offer you the ability to search all active homes currently on the market in Laveen Az.  Not only that but I blog monthly on recent sales in Laveen Az and some of the bigger home subdivisions in the area to help folks get a feel for home values in Laveen.  I tell you this and give you all this information because this is all information that as a potential home buyer or seller you want to have access to for making an informed decision with your transaction.

So you’ve found choices for a Laveen Az Realtor, how do you choose the right one?  Not sure I have a 100% perfect answer for all folks, but I can give you an idea of what I consider important.  First thing for considering the right Laveen Az Realtor, is do they know the area and understand the market.  Ask questions about the area so you can see if they do but also to begin to understand the market as a buyer or seller.  Do they know how many months inventory, average home values, number of home sales in area, average days on market are all good indicators that a Laveen Az Realtor understands and knows his area.  Second thing I would recommend is find a Laveen Az realtor that is easy to communicate with and to get a hold of.  Depending on the market we are experiencing getting your Realtor to show you a home within a reasonable time if very important, or you could miss your chance at the home.  As an example while we were experiencing a shortage of homes on the market in 2012 and 2013, homes would have multiple offers within the 1st day.  If you did not have a Laveen Az realtor who could go out and show you homes quickly, likely you missed your opportunity.  Do they call you back.  Why work with a Laveen Az realtor if you can’t rate high enough with them to get a call back within a reasonable time frame.

Are you a home seller looking for the right Laveen Az Realtor to represent and market your home?  Find out if they have a good marketing strategy to get your home high visibility on the internet as well as showings of your home.  Do they have past client testimonials.  As for myself, find here some testimonials from past clients that have had me as their Laveen Az Realtor.  Feel free to call me and ask how I can help you sell your Laveen  home.  Yes, I would love to be your Laveen Az Realtor.



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