August 5

Most expensive home Sold – A weekly Update


Ok, so this is what I thought would be a fun continual post.  Give folks an idea of what is selling at the top of the price range in the Laveen area.  For this blog I will be looking at any and all types of properties such as condos, town homes, ranches and single family homes and will just look at what closed the last week.  These homes will of course have been the highest priced homes sold for the week.  You will see, as I do, that the Laveen area recently has not had TOO many high priced home sales.  What is average, and even below average prices for some areas, is indeed the high price range for us in Laveen.  For example, did you know that Mcdowell Mountain Ranch in NE Scottsdale averages about $525,000 on homes sold?  We are under $200,000 in Laveen.

Highest sale price this past week ending October 4th


Home located at 4511 W Cole Laveen Az

3599 Square feet

5 bedrooms 2.5 baths


Highest sale price in Laveen Az week September 1 – 22, 2015

Since I have been a little off in my posting to this site, I would like to make up for my missed weeks and do the Highest home sold Month to date.  We have had only 35 homes sold to date in September, seems low to me!! Yet, we may see more closing at month end.

Highest sale


5338 W Olney Ave Laveen Az

4/ 2.75 bath home

3684 square feet

Irrigated 1 acre horse property lot

This actually is normal for the Laveen area, the higher priced home sales are generally horse property.  Some of course are older built like those homes around 51st ave and dobbins area.  Then there are also some semi custom and custom homes that were built through out the Laveen area.  You can see them here for sale. 

Highest sale price in Laveen Az week of August 17, 205

Folks, sorry for the lapse between the posts for these past few weeks, but as it turns out realtors also must have some vacation.  Vacation is something that also helps a real estate agent maintain and keep his/her family.  If your a family person, you must also know that your presence is required at the home front with some consistency.  Also, during kids vacation from school (not every year) it is a great time to take the family and enjoy some time off.  That is what I did for the last couple of weeks, and since, it has been catch up for me.

So, to the point, what was the most expensive home sold in Laveen this past week?

3006 W Beautiful Ln 

2641 sq feet home situated on an acre of land.  Irrigated land, which is great.  Home also is within a gated community and one can have horses!!, Yeah!!!  I actually showed this home to a potential buyer as well, it really is a nice home and very well maintained.

Built 2005

Private pool

4 bedroom

3 bath

3 car garage

This really is a nice home, and I’m sure new home owner will love it.  


Highest Sold home Laveen Az week of July 27th, 2015

2732 W Carver Rd in Laveen Az 85339

3 bedoom home

2 baths

2669 square feet

2 car garage and 2 car carport

Home was on over an acre of property



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