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Best Laveen Az Realtor


Best Laveen AZ Realtor

 How can you determine find and work with the best Laveen AZ Realtor.  Simple question, but really the answer has several considerations or layers that must be considered

First thing to find out, are you a buyer or a seller?  There are some realtors that work only with buyers and some that work only with sellers.  If you are looking to buy make sure that your agent does indeed work with buyers, or you may not get to see as many homes as you may hope.  If you end up with strictly a listing agent, they will not be so inclined to get out and show you homes, and opportunities may be missed.   A realtor that does work with buyers will also keep a closer eye on properties coming to the market, which as a buyer benefits you because they can make you aware of ALL the properties currently on the market.  As a seller make sure that you do indeed work with a realtor that has listed and sold several homes.  Pricing a home, marketing a home, negotiating a home sale, are all things that take skill and experience and those are accumulated years of successfully selling homes.

Realtors Experience

While it is easily accessible for realtors to find out past sales and number of transactions for an agent, it may not be so easy for the general public.  So where can one find out a little about agents in Arizona?  One place the public can gather information on all realtors is at the Arizona department of real estate website.  At this site you can find out how long an agent has been licensed, and if nothing else it tells how long they have been in the business.  Chances are if they have conducted business for several years and are still in the business, then they have seen some success. 

Another great way to find out about experience it to flat out ask an agent.  How long have you been in the business?  How many homes have you sold?  How do you market your homes or do you have a marketing plan that can be shared? 

Lastly you can help determine a realtors experience by those whom they have served previously, past clients.  Most agents that have accumulated sales over the years will get testimonials from their clients for this very reason.  As an example you can view some of my testimonials on this very site, some written, some by video.  As I have sold many homes, I also have had clients give testimonials on third party sites such as Zillow/Trulia.


Laveen Real Estate Agent
Laveen Real Estate Agent

Why is experience important?  Imagine you are going in for surgery, do you want someone who has never performed on operation to be your surgeon?  It has always fascinated me to see how some home owners or buyers will use a relative/friend who has just gotten their license to help with their real estate purchase or sale.  A real estate transaction involves money, and generally it involves a pretty substantial amount of money.  The lack of experience of an agent on either the sale or purchase side of a transaction can cost a client money.  Not knowing how to best market a home, negotiate a sale or even resolve real estate issues can cost money.  Let me share too, that many real estate transactions will have their little or big hurdles to overcome and that is not the time to have an in-experienced agent.

Bottom line, in considering a best Laveen AZ realtor, look to having an agent with experience

Market knowledge

                A realtor should have a good understanding of the real estate market in general.  As mentioned before having knowledge for buyers on new homes to the market, or as a seller’s agent what new competition is being faced is very important.  Beyond that though an agent should help you as their client understand the current real estate market and trends.  Is the current real estate market favorable to buyers or to sellers?  Are prices going up or are the prices of homes going down?  As a buyer, will you be facing a lot of competition in the purchasing of your home?  As a seller are you going to be competing for buyers in the market?  As a seller, is the market such that you should expect to have to help pay for buyers closing fees?  Having an agent understanding the current real estate market will help you determine what you can expect in either the purchase or sale of your home.

I’m also a firm believer that an area specialist, truly will know the market better than other agents.  While I do sell and help buyers all over the metro valley, I know more about Laveen, South Phoenix real estate than I do about other areas.  As an area specialist I do keep track of new listings, recent sales, market conditions so that I can advise my clients accordingly.

Absorption Rate

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Presence online

                Can you find the realtor on-line?  Buyers begin their home search on-line so is your listing agent easy to find online?  National statistics now show that about 95% of home buyers start their home search on line.  As a seller you’d likely want to make sure an agent has a good presence on-line to help maximize your exposure to the 97% of buyers searching.  This also can go hand in hand with an agent who specialized in an area, has good on-line presence, because the chances are better they will procure buyers specifically in area you are selling.  Ask yourself, would a Tucson/Tempe/Scottsdale realtor be spending marketing money to attract Laveen buyers?  If all an agent does is place home on MLS, then no additional work is being done to market your home to a larger audience, and this limits exposure of your home. 


Communication is really another very important factor to separate average realtors from the best realtors.  When you call them on the phone or e-mail/text do the respond within a reasonable amount of time?  Regardless of whether it is a buyer looking to contact their agent to view a home, or a seller to ask a question, or even another realtor checking availability of a listing being able to respond in a timely manner is important.  Bad communication is one of the main reasons real estate clients are dissatisfied with their realtors.  If you can never reach your agent to schedule a viewing of a property, how will you ever secure a purchase?  If a seller has trouble reaching their agent, chances are other agents trying to schedule a showing or check availability are having trouble as well…….and this leads to lost potential buyers.

How do you know if an agent is a good communicator?  Call them up, and see if they answer their phone.  If a message if left, how soon do they take to respond?  In all fairness though, do make sure to give the agent some time to call back, as they may be out showing homes and currently working with a client.  I myself try not to answer the phone when working with clients, but I do return calls within a pretty short period of time.

Hope this article sheds helps to give considerations when searching for the best Laveen AZ realtor to help with your real estate needs.  Feel free to call if you have any questions 602.373.6345 or



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