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Why would anyone want to consider homes in Laveen AZ?


Why would anyone want to consider homes in Laveen AZ?

 Why would anyone want to consider homes in Laveen AZ?  As a home owner and realtor in Laveen, I would like to take some time to answer this very important question for anyone considering Laveen as a possible option to call home.

Yes, you can buy a great home for the money in Laveen, so you do get a lot more for the money.  Chances are you would not fare as well in other parts of the valley such as Glendale, Tempe, Ahwatukee or of course Scottsdale.  One can currently buy a newer built home from about 2000 or newer, 3 bedroom, 2 car garage for $150,000 to $200,000.  Matter a fact I have a home selling this week for just over $200,000 and it is a 3 car garage, 3600 square foot home with 4 bedrooms.  Good deal in Laveen, right? 

Yes, you can get more for you money in Laveen.


You can see all homes currently available in Laveen AZ right here.

Laveen Az
Laveen Az

Laveen offers a lot of outdoor activities for those who enjoy an active lifestyle. 


For starters Laveen is located at the base of the south mountain preserve, which offers 16000 acres of desert terrain to enjoy.  The preserve offers hiking trails from novice to the more experienced wanting the challenge of steep trails.  There are some folks I’ve heard that have tried to hike the entire length of the preserve via the national trail, which also happens to take you along the very top of some of the mountains. 

The south mountain preserve is also a favorite destination for bicycle riders.  Entering from Central Ave in South Phoenix, one can park the car and start enjoying some great road biking.  While some areas of the park have been closed off to cars, most of the park still shares it roads with cars, so be safe.  Looking to work on your uphill climbs, enjoy the pedaling all the way up to the towers at the top of the south mountain preserve.  This is a great ride, and is sure to cause some fatigue in the legs.  Also, mountain biking trails are plentiful, just pick one and explore.  I’ve enjoyed several from around the central entry, as well as some by the entry by Guadalupe and 48th street.  There is a very popular mountain biking trail on that side called the desert classic.  I’ve even seen some mountain bikers that are more intense who will be dropped off at the top of the mountain and ride down at lightning speeds, making some pretty incredible jumps along the way down.

South Mountain also offers horse riding excursions.  Coming in to the park from the Central ave entrance, you reach Ponderosa stables, where you can go out on a horse riding excursion.  If you own horses, then Laveen AZ also offers many homes that have horse privileges and setup.  You can find current Laveen horse property available right here.

Golf is offered at several locations in Laveen Az.  Currently Laveen offers two golf courses, both open to the public.  The first is Aguila Golf course located at Cesar Chavez Park at around 37th ave and Baseline, inside the park.  The other is cotton field’s golf course and is located at about 56th ave and Baseline Rd.  Both locations are an 18 whole course and are fun courses to play.  There are also two other popular courses further east in South Phoenix the Legacy and Raven. 

Cesar Chavez is a great park that many outdoor enthusiasts could enjoy.  First, the lake is stocked with fish, so one can enjoy fishing.  Be sure to get your license, as it is required just like fishing anywhere in Arizona.  Cesar Chavez also has baseball diamonds, soccer fields, and even a skate park where one can brush up on their tricks.

While this is not an exhaustive list, I hope this shares some information that you may find helpful.  So would you want to consider looking at homes in Laveen AZ?  Did I mention I am also a realtor specializing in Laveen AZ?  I’d love the opportunity to earn your business, feel free to contact me.  You can also view all homes for sale in Laveen AZ, right here.


Laveen has retail shopping easily accessible


No need to travel great distances for your retail and grocery shopping, all is conveniently located close by.  Safeway grocery store is located at the SE corner of 51st ave and baseline rd., and Fry’s grocery store located on the NW corner.  The commercial centers at these particular cross roads also offers:

CVS Pharmacy                   Walgreens                          Gas Stations                       LA Fitness

Applebee’s                         Native New Yorker          Barros Pizza                        Subway

And many others.



Downtown Phoenix offers great cultural entertainment, and is only a short distance away.  Central Phoenix is about a 20 minutes back road drive, and offers symphony hall, civic center, science museum, heard museum and much more.  The phoenix suns home court is also downtown, so stop by and catch there games.

More of a movie type of person.  Mills Mall is about a 15 minute drive at the intersection of the I-10 and Baseline road intersection, which has a Harkins theatre.  There is also another Harkins theatre located at about 104th ave and the 1-10.


So much close by, and in Laveen, the real question is why not consider homes in Laveen AZ?


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