What repairs should be made to home before selling?

What repairs should be made to home before selling?


Wow, I have chosen a tough topic for my article, but a very important one that does address the question “what repairs should be made to home before selling?


Let us start with the assumption, all home owners that are considering selling want to maximize their profits.  How is this done?  Well it is done in several ways and those are things that need to be considered as well.  For example, in your opinion is the sale price the only indicator of how much money you will make?  I hope the answer was a resounding no!  Truth is a higher offer may not net you a better deal, and in the end how much money you net (money in pocket) is REALLY what counts!


Generally speaking when giving home values to home owners in the South Phoenix and Laveen area I will use recent home sales and even current competition to help determine value.  This article is really not meant to go into what is done to help determine value, but more so what repairs to be done to help value.  The values given will provide a low, high and of course an average/median price range.  Where in that range one falls really depends on condition of the home.  That is the purpose of this article, to help you the home owner/seller understand what potentially you could do to maximize your sales price or profit.


First things first, you must have a full understanding of what is going on in the local real estate market.  This goes beyond what a home’s value is, it is knowing the market trends.  Does the market benefit the buyer or seller?  If it benefits one or the other, how much does it benefit them?  As an example for most of us realtors, the 3 month inventory range is the middle point between the buyer and seller market.  It could be called a transitional market or balanced.  If inventory or turnover is below 3 months, then it is a seller market.  If the inventory or turnover is more than 3 months, it is more of a buyer market.  The further away from that 3 month point, the more it benefits one of the groups.  So the luxury home market for example has 17 months of inventory at this point in the Phoenix area, and this REALLY benefits buyers.  Buyers have a large inventory to choose from and as such can be picky, often get a home under asking price, and choose the best home at the best price.  Make sense?  On the other side, if there is say under 2 months inventory, then homes are selling more quickly and seller has upper hand.  Wow, if there were under 1 month’s inventory, you’d maybe see multiple offers and home selling in hours or days.


Second thing you need to know is what repairs to make to maximize your sales price.  This could very well be specific to different areas of town, but here in the South Phoenix and Laveen real estate market I can say that generally you want to make repairs that will help the home show better.  Notice that I did not say make improvements.  Improvements may help get you more money, but will you get a dollar for dollar return on your investment.  This does have to be looked at on a case by case basis.  I can say in general, just make sure that repairs done to the home are for those that will make home look better.  As examples, I would recommend painting a home but not putting in a new kitchen.  I would recommend a professional cleaning to make sure it shows well, but I would not recommend adding granite counters.  In short, really make cosmetic repairs to home that are not costly, will make the home look better and show at its best and that will likely get you a higher sale price.

I have worked with many home sellers in the Laveen and South Phoenix area, as I’m an area realtor and specialist.  There have been appointments I’ve gone to and listings I have taken where the seller was recommended to do NOTHING in preparation for the home going on market.  See, some home owners have done an excellent job of maintaining the home and making improvements.  Again, depending on condition the home value will fall within a range, and if home owners are happy with that range, then nothing needs to be done!


I’ve also gone on appointments and taken listings that I have made recommendations to the home owners for repairs to be made.  In those situations the home owner would be able to make a small investment in making some repairs, minor improvements to the home, in order to get a better offer on their home.  Again, most repairs I have suggested will depend on the kind of market we are currently in and if the home owner will get a dollar for dollar or better return on their repair.  I have been an active south phoenix and laveen realtor since 2004, and as such I know what can make a difference in the sales price.


Hope this article has helped you a bit in deciding which repairs should be made before selling your South Phoenix or Laveen home.  While there are always variables to consider, a good rule of thumb is to make repairs with how the home looks.  Now, I also assume that if you have broken plumbing, leaky toilet, electrical that does not work and such, that you would get those fixed anyway as you are living in the house, right?  You don’t live in the dark or walk through puddle to get to your room right?

If you have any questions on selling your home, and helping maximize your sales price here in the area of South Phoenix and Laveen give me a call.  I am after all in the business, and I would like to earn yours.

Home Selling Tips

By David Baker

Listed below are some home selling tips:

Curb appeal is vital if to selling your home quickly and for a good price. To create that enticing look, you don’t necessarily have to undertake extensive landscaping or major fixes to the exterior of the building. Instead, you could just concentrate on the entrance to your house.

Lead them in

You want to do everything you can to lead your guests (and potential buyers) into your home. Make it clear where the entrance is by emphasizing it, using some of the techniques in this article.


Make sure all your door hardware (the door knocker, handle and hinges) are new or look new. You can buy matching hardware cheaply. Alternatively, give what you already have a good polish. Invest in a new house number and mailbox that complement the rest of your hardware.

The door

Make sure the door looks bright and fresh. Paint it to match the rest of the trim on your house and keep it clean of dirty rain splashes.

Steps and railings

If there are steps up to your home, make sure they are well kept and safe. Check metal railings for rust and make sure they stay firm when visitors hold them.


Use containers or hanging baskets to mark the way to your home. They are easy to maintain and provide a splash of color. Try placing one container or basket on either side of the door to frame the entrance.


Consider adding attractive lights to emphasize the entrance and make it more attractive at night.

Add a chair

If you have space, place an attractive chair near the entrance. It gives the impression your home provides a relaxing place to sit and rest.

Don’t forget a welcome mat

As a finishing touch, put a new mat outside the door.

Selling, how to sell your Laveen Home quick and for Top Dollar

Laveen Az 85339 – Considering selling your house and want to find out how to sell your house quick and for top dollar is one of the questions I often get asked. There are many variables that lend to the success of the selling a home, as well as selling it quickly in South Phoenix, Laveen or Ahwatukee. I would like to address several of these items in different blogs over the course of the next several weeks.
To begin with let’s look at one of the things that contribute to the home selling quick.
How ready is the home to be viewed by prospective buyers? The purchase of a home for the vast majority of the population is indeed one of the larger investments made in a lifetime. This is a commitment for a buyer to live in a home for the next thirty years as they make their monthly mortgage payments. With such a big decision on many buyers like to see a home they can imagine themselves in for the long haul.
How the home shows is the key to a successful first impression. Home needs to be clean and presentable at all times, so buyers are able to see home in all its glory. I would encourage home owners to try and remove excess clutter as much as possible to also help give a clean and open feel. In this way folks can walk around and start envisioning their own belongings (not yours) in their next possible home.
Having a clean and clutter free home can help sell a home quicker.