When is the best time to sell a house in Laveen Arizona

When is the best time to sell a house in Laveen Arizona?


The question does come up a fair amount, it is “when is the best time to sell a house in Laveen Arizona?  Well the truth is, this is a pretty loaded question.  The article will address the question by looking at the following items, which will of course be explained:

  1. Looking at historical sales
  2. Values of properties
  3. Bringing it together and the “market”


My name is David Baker, and I am a Laveen realtor.  Been working and specializing in the South Phoenix/Laveen real estate market since I began selling homes full time back in 2004.  I started my career with a company called Keller Williams.  At this company I specialized working with buyers, and was part of a team concept.  This was during my first 2 years full time in the business.  I later made a move to Re/Max New Heights Realty which is based in South Phoenix area as well.  By this time I had about 4 years of full time experience working with both buyers and sellers.  It was during my time at Re/Max that I also began to help home owners who had fallen behind in payments to short sale their homes.  I am currently working with the HomeSmart Realty brokerage.  Does the brokerage I work for make any difference in the level of service I or any other agent can provide, NO.  At least that is my opinion.

I am a bilingual real estate agent speaking of course English and Spanish both fluently.  This really has been a great benefit to my clients, as they are able to get a larger marketing reach because of my ability to speak and market in 2 languages.  I also became really interested in on line marketing several years ago, and this also has been a great asset to help my clients sell their homes.  So in a nut shell, I am a bilingual real estate agent specializing in South Phoenix & Laveen who has over a decade experience selling homes and is very well versed at online marketing.

I mention a little about myself, because as you read this short article, it is good to know the source.  I will also be using information from the MLS (multiple listing service) as well as statistical data I collect myself to keep on top of the real estate market trends.  Some information given will also infer a certain amount of what I would call “my professional opinion”.

So, how can looking at historical sales inform us about when is the best time to sell a home in Laveen?

Unlike some other parts of the county, Laveen as a whole in my opinion does not have a very drastic seasonal fluctuation when it comes to sales.  As an example, if you lived in Minnesota, do you suppose the number of sales goes down drastically in the winter months?  Maybe you live in a town predominantly running off the attendance at the large local university?  Unlike other areas, my opinion is that the Laveen real estate sales are NOT affected too much by the seasons.  Now, that being said, there are MORE sales that do occur at some months of the year vs. others.

So here it is, the big secret of “the best time to sell a home in Laveen” is really from about April to September.  These are the periods of the year that see the MOST in terms of number of sales vs. the other months of the year.  Looking over the last several years one can see that the time from April through as late as September see’s the most number of sales.  The actual number of sales will fluctuate a bit from year to year, but it is still evident that those are the higher sale months in terms of units sold.  You can usually see on the low end about 42 sales a month to about 70 in the slower month.  In the higher volume months you can see over 90 sales in Laveen on a monthly basis.

Does that answer your questions as to when is the best time to sell your home?  Maybe to a certain extent, but let’s also consider values of properties, right?

So does it benefit a home owner to sell at one time of the year over another time of the year based on a possible higher sales price or value?  For this I refer to the data that helps me track the current market conditions for the Laveen real estate market.  I see no data that supports a higher sales price, based on the month of the year!  Again, that bears repeating, I show no data that supports being able to sell at a higher price just because of the time of year home goes to market.  As an example, a home that is worth $203,000 in the Laveen area at this time, would pretty much in theory sell at the same price if sold in March or in July!


Lastly let’s look at the market factors and how that could answer when is the best time to sell a home in Laveen.

The short answer is it really depends on the real estate market.  One can NOT determine if a certain time of the year will be better than another without looking at CURRENT real estate market conditions.  Ideally the best time to sell for a home owner would be during a “seller market”.  A seller market is a real estate market that is best described by a situation in which there is a low level of current housing inventory for sale, and as such buyers have less choices of homes.  Because of the lower inventory of homes on the market the buyers must often compete with others buyers to purchase the property.  This of course benefits the seller.  Often times you may see multiple offer situations, and this of course is the best thing for a seller so they can potentially negotiate the best deal.


Putting it all together, when is the best time to sell a home in Laveen?

When it really comes down to it, my opinion, the best time to sell is when you are ready.  Yes, there are more sales that tend to occur during the April to September time frame, but there is still a LOT of homes sold during the rest of the year as well, and that also includes the holidays!  Home values are not really affected by the time of the year the home is sold here in the Laveen area.  Lastly, the real estate market condition will always be what it will be.  At the time I am writing this article, the Laveen real estate market is experiencing a seller market.  So, as it happens, we are into the higher sales volume months, and we are also in a seller market.  So, at this point in time it is a GREAT time to sell your home in Laveen Az.  The current market conditions could help net a better offer, and really help you negotiate a better deal.



What repairs should be made to home before selling?

What repairs should be made to home before selling?


Wow, I have chosen a tough topic for my article, but a very important one that does address the question “what repairs should be made to home before selling?


Let us start with the assumption, all home owners that are considering selling want to maximize their profits.  How is this done?  Well it is done in several ways and those are things that need to be considered as well.  For example, in your opinion is the sale price the only indicator of how much money you will make?  I hope the answer was a resounding no!  Truth is a higher offer may not net you a better deal, and in the end how much money you net (money in pocket) is REALLY what counts!


Generally speaking when giving home values to home owners in the South Phoenix and Laveen area I will use recent home sales and even current competition to help determine value.  This article is really not meant to go into what is done to help determine value, but more so what repairs to be done to help value.  The values given will provide a low, high and of course an average/median price range.  Where in that range one falls really depends on condition of the home.  That is the purpose of this article, to help you the home owner/seller understand what potentially you could do to maximize your sales price or profit.


First things first, you must have a full understanding of what is going on in the local real estate market.  This goes beyond what a home’s value is, it is knowing the market trends.  Does the market benefit the buyer or seller?  If it benefits one or the other, how much does it benefit them?  As an example for most of us realtors, the 3 month inventory range is the middle point between the buyer and seller market.  It could be called a transitional market or balanced.  If inventory or turnover is below 3 months, then it is a seller market.  If the inventory or turnover is more than 3 months, it is more of a buyer market.  The further away from that 3 month point, the more it benefits one of the groups.  So the luxury home market for example has 17 months of inventory at this point in the Phoenix area, and this REALLY benefits buyers.  Buyers have a large inventory to choose from and as such can be picky, often get a home under asking price, and choose the best home at the best price.  Make sense?  On the other side, if there is say under 2 months inventory, then homes are selling more quickly and seller has upper hand.  Wow, if there were under 1 month’s inventory, you’d maybe see multiple offers and home selling in hours or days.


Second thing you need to know is what repairs to make to maximize your sales price.  This could very well be specific to different areas of town, but here in the South Phoenix and Laveen real estate market I can say that generally you want to make repairs that will help the home show better.  Notice that I did not say make improvements.  Improvements may help get you more money, but will you get a dollar for dollar return on your investment.  This does have to be looked at on a case by case basis.  I can say in general, just make sure that repairs done to the home are for those that will make home look better.  As examples, I would recommend painting a home but not putting in a new kitchen.  I would recommend a professional cleaning to make sure it shows well, but I would not recommend adding granite counters.  In short, really make cosmetic repairs to home that are not costly, will make the home look better and show at its best and that will likely get you a higher sale price.

I have worked with many home sellers in the Laveen and South Phoenix area, as I’m an area realtor and specialist.  There have been appointments I’ve gone to and listings I have taken where the seller was recommended to do NOTHING in preparation for the home going on market.  See, some home owners have done an excellent job of maintaining the home and making improvements.  Again, depending on condition the home value will fall within a range, and if home owners are happy with that range, then nothing needs to be done!


I’ve also gone on appointments and taken listings that I have made recommendations to the home owners for repairs to be made.  In those situations the home owner would be able to make a small investment in making some repairs, minor improvements to the home, in order to get a better offer on their home.  Again, most repairs I have suggested will depend on the kind of market we are currently in and if the home owner will get a dollar for dollar or better return on their repair.  I have been an active south phoenix and laveen realtor since 2004, and as such I know what can make a difference in the sales price.


Hope this article has helped you a bit in deciding which repairs should be made before selling your South Phoenix or Laveen home.  While there are always variables to consider, a good rule of thumb is to make repairs with how the home looks.  Now, I also assume that if you have broken plumbing, leaky toilet, electrical that does not work and such, that you would get those fixed anyway as you are living in the house, right?  You don’t live in the dark or walk through puddle to get to your room right?

If you have any questions on selling your home, and helping maximize your sales price here in the area of South Phoenix and Laveen give me a call.  I am after all in the business, and I would like to earn yours.

SOLD SOLD SOLD 4914 W Apollo Rd Laveen AZ 85339

4914 W Apollo Rd Laveen AZ 85339


Large Rogers Ranch home for sale located at 4914 W Apollo Rd Laveen AZ 85339.  Folks, this larger homes in this community go fast, so call today to find out about this home.


Rogers Ranch in Laveen AZ, is a very popular community for several reasons.  First of all Rogers Ranch in located in the suburb of Laveen Arizona, which makes for super easy commutes.  The subdivision is located between 43rd ave and 51st ave and Southern & Baseline Rd in the south west Phoenix area.  Commuting to work or to the down town area is made super easy because of multiple choices to drive.  Most folks can make a commute to central phoenix in about 20 minutes using all back roads.

This home located at 4914 W Apollo is a very popular floor plan.  It is a larger foot print with about 3033 square feet of livable space.  This particular home choose the option of a large upstairs loft, and by large I really do mean a good size.  Home does have 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms.

DSC09823 - Copy DSC09821 - Copy DSC09819 - Copy

DSC09816 - Copy DSC09814 - Copy DSC09818 - Copy

Home has several features which should make any buyer interested in this home.  First it is located in one of the most popular phases of homes in the Rogers Ranch subdivision in Laveen Az.  This particular part of the subdivision has a little larger or should we say wider street.  Not as many homes as some of the other phases, and over all a pretty open feel to this section of Rogers Ranch.  This section of the subdivision also has super easy access/egress from multiple points such as 47th ave, 51st ave.  Did I mention, it has north south exposure?  This is something that is more popular in the Phoenix area, and has very much to do with our HOT sun!!!

Home is in excellent condition and in move in ready and then some condition.  Home has carpet in several areas of homes such as formal dining/greeting room, loft, and bedrooms and is tiled in the more heavily used or traffic areas.

DSC09810 - Copy DSC09808 - Copy DSC09805 - Copy


Kitchen is one that should make most home owners happy.  The kitchen has an island with a breakfast bar as well as an off kitchen breakfast nook.  Counters are granite and there is a lot of cabinet space as well as 2, count them 2, pantries.  There is an off kitchen living area which is of generous size.  Great for gatherings and being able to socialize even if working in the kitchen.

Large bedrooms and a large loft are awesome.  This home does have 4 bedrooms that are of good size.  The master though, well that bedroom is HUGE.  This room is not only big, it is big enough to place multiple king size beds and still have room for night stands and more.  Walk in closet, large bathroom with separate shower and tub.  In short, this home will have you SMILING!!!

Call David 602.373.6345 for questions about this Laveen AZ home for sale located at 4914 W Apollo Rd Laveen AZ 85339.


SOLD SOLD SOLD 6617 W Fremont Rd Laveen AZ 85339

6617 W Fremont Rd Laveen AZ 85339


6617 W Fremont Rd Laveen AZ 85339 is on the market and for sale.  This home is located within the Rancho Grande subdivision in Laveen Arizona.  The subdivision extends from Southern Ave to Baseline Rd, and from approximately about 63rd avenue to 67th ave.  This is a community of irrigated horse property, with the majority of homes being at the very least one acre in size.


While most of the homes in Rancho Grande subdivision are a little bit older, some are newer.  Most homes were around the 1970’s, but there has been some newer built homes as well.  Vast majority of homes in subdivision are single story homes, and of course have horse privileges.


6617 W Fremont Rd Laveen AZ 85339, is a great opportunity to own irrigated horse property.  Let’s begin with location.  One of the benefits to horse property in the Laveen area, is that living in Laveen makes for easy commutes.  Most folk’s average about 20-30 minutes commutes to the central Phoenix area.  It is the perfect place where one can actually have an easy commute and then come home to a semblance of rural living.

6617 W Fremont Rd Laveen Az 85339 2 6617 W Fremont Rd Laveen Az 85339 4 6617 W Fremont Rd Laveen Az 85339 5

This home was built in 1974, when the subdivision was just starting to grow.  At that time what you have likely seen of Laveen was not in existence.  The 51st ave and Baseline area had a dairy of a good size, and NO homes at all.  Back then, the school was close to the post office which currently sits at 51st and Dobbins.  This home is 1782 square feet and has 3 bedrooms and 2 baths.  The size of the bedrooms are surprisingly large, considering the age of home.  Most homes at that time, did have smaller rooms, but that is not the case here.  Property has 46,017 square feet of land, which translates to about 1.06 acres.  Again, this is irrigated horse property, so you will be able to have a pasture for your animals.

BONUS – NO HOA.  This is a real bonus, the subdivision does NOT have any homes owners association.


Current owners have updated home in many ways.  Home has been tiled throughout as well as custom painted.  Bathrooms and kitchen have been updated and have been modernized.  You will find that the cabinets have been changed and upgraded as well as counters, drawers and more.  This really is a must see home, you will love the ambiance and welcoming feeling to the home.  Large open greeting room as well good size family room.  Kitchen does have a breakfast bar and plenty of counter space.  Off kitchen dining area.

Property does have plenty of room for all your grown up and not so grown up toys.  Attached carport is LARGE and should fit about 4 cars for your convenience.  Plenty of room to park a large RV if needed, or toy haulers, trailers or even work trucks.  The back of property has been set up for both horses as well as possible covered work shop.  8 mare motel set up, the nice kind with sliding doors and all.  Good size breezeway and tack room, to house all your equine needs.  There is also a set up for watering down horses and tie down areas.

Outside covered work shop area, large enough to likely work on several cars at one time.  Currently used to park the small tractor used for mowing all the grass this property produces.  Again, a really must see home.  Maybe run your wood working workshop right here out of your backyard.


Did I mention there is plenty of room for your horses.  See pictures of the irrigate pasture below and the horse stalls!! Nice.

6617 W Fremont Rd Laveen Az 85339 22 6617 W Fremont Rd Laveen Az 85339 21 6617 W Fremont Rd Laveen Az 85339 14

6617 W Fremont Rd Laveen Az 85339 13 6617 W Fremont Rd Laveen Az 85339 10 6617 W Fremont Rd Laveen Az 85339 29


Future of area may make these properties even more appealing.  Currently the Arizona department of transportation is in the beginning phases of the South Mountain freeway.  At this point some homes along the planned route have been purchased by ADOT and are being demolished to make room for the new freeway.  The path is coming from the Pecos freeway extension, through the south west portion of the South Mountain municipal park, and then will head north between 59-61st ave.  Course there may be some variation there as is makes its way north to connect with the interstate 10.  See the photo below and you can see the pathway this new freeway will take.  So will this be a good thing?  I happen to think so because this will make the Laveen Arizona area even more easily accessible for commuters.  Instead of taking side streets to make it down town in about 20-30 minutes you could jump on the freeway and make it in less than half the time.  The work is expected to begin 2016 and go on for about 4 years, possibly opening in 2019.

Interior photos below.  This really is an awesome home, and you won’t want to miss seeing it.  Not many homes come on the market, that are horse property, that have great location, that are move in ready for both home owners and their animals.

6617 W Fremont Rd Laveen Az 85339 58 6617 W Fremont Rd Laveen Az 85339 54 6617 W Fremont Rd Laveen Az 85339 52

6617 W Fremont Rd Laveen Az 85339 42 6617 W Fremont Rd Laveen Az 85339 41 6617 W Fremont Rd Laveen Az 85339 40

6617 W Fremont Rd Laveen Az 85339 51 6617 W Fremont Rd Laveen Az 85339 46 6617 W Fremont Rd Laveen Az 85339 3

Folks, I have tons of photos of this Laveen horse property.  But nothing will beat seeing 6617 W Fremont Rd Laveen Az 85339 in person.

Call me David @ 602.373.6345 today, and lets get you in to see this home!









Is Selling My Home the Right Choice?

Is Selling My Home the Right Choice?


I have seen and heard some folks ask, “Is selling my home the right choice?”

Well this is really a loaded question, and one that can only be answered by the home owner.  My experience is that home owners sell for a variety of reasons.  If you are currently considering selling your home, you need to dig deep and find out why is it that you are considering the sale.  If you ask yourself some questions you may find out the answers, and can then determine if selling is the right choice.


For example, some questions to ask:

Does the home give you joy?  Does being a home owner in that particular home give you a sense of pride?  Sometimes you may find that you just don’t like the house.  Maybe the home is much more than you ever wanted to take on in term of maintenance or even updating.  I continually think that life is short, we must take the time to really enjoy it and get the most out of it.  If something is not giving you joy, maybe you need to consider selling.  If the home is giving you joy, then you now there really is no reason to consider sale.


Do you like the area you live?  You may love the home you’re in, but absolutely hate the area you live.  Ever have a home that is right next the worst neighbor ever.  Maybe it is next to a frat house that has loud parties EVERY night.  Maybe it is next to someone that is always working on their cars, revving engines and front drive looks like an industrial zone and not a housing community.  You may just not like the neighborhood or changes that often happen over time in different areas.  If you like it, then there really is no reason to consider a sale.  If you don’t like area, ask yourself it life would be better living somewhere else.  Life is short, I think you deserve to live where you want.


If you have kids, do you like the schools and the school system?  I’ve often seen home buyers base home buying decisions based on schools and their rating in an area.  You may be a home owner but only recently have had the need to send a kid to school.  Maybe you don’t like the school system, or have a preference to another school and district.  Again, life is short, make choices that will help you live the life you want.  You may be able to enroll your kid in the school of your choice, but what if the distance makes it time and cost prohibitive.  Again, make the choice to lead the life you want.


When it comes down to it the choice of whether selling a home is always that of the home owner.  If considering selling your home, then you need to make sure you understand why you’re considering.  If the reasoning makes sense, then you have answered your question and made a choice.

SOLD SOLD SOLD – 6436 W Beverly

6436 W Beverly Rd Laveen Az 85339 Listed by David 602.373.6345 Homesmart Realty


This is a great newer home for sale located at 6436 W Beverly Rd Laveen Az 85339.  Home is a newer built home, having been built in 2007.  Home is located just west of Central Laveen Arizona, which makes it a great location.  The subdivision is called Avalon Village.  Avalon Village has a total of 346 improved lots.  It is located just South of Baseline and East of 67th ave.  Homes are located on smaller lots, with the average being about 3300 square feet.  Average home size in Avalon Village is about 1591 square feet.  The vast majority of the homes built are two story homes, with only about 44 homes being single level homes.  Only about 1% of the homes in Avalon Village have pools, and why would they, the community does feature a community pool.


A little about 6436 W Beverly Rd Laveen Az 85339

This is a SUPER NICE home that has not only been well cared for but very nicely upgraded.  Front of home shows pride of ownership, with well maintained landscape which gives this home great curb appeal.  Easy maintenance to the landscape as it is what we refer to as zeroscape, basically landscaping that needs very little attention.  Ideal for home owners that don’t necessarily relish the idea of working on the yard.

6436 W Beverly Rd Laveen Az 85339

6436 W Beverly Rd Laveen Az 85339

6436 W Beverly Rd Laveen Az 85339

6436 W Beverly Rd Laveen Az 85339

6436 W Beverly Rd Laveen Az 85339

6436 W Beverly Rd Laveen Az 85339

Even the front of the home shows some extremely nice features.  Front door has elegant safety door which adds to the curb appeal.  Also the front of home features nice cosmetic touches such as hanging planters from the 2nd floor windows, which give a certain charm to the home.  Not to mention that this subdivision offers a lot of green space to enjoy.  There are also plenty of mountain views.


What does the interior of this home located at 6436 W Beverly Laveen Az 85339 have to offer?  Well, frankly a lot.  Home has been very tastefully upgraded and stepping foot inside, you will be able to see first hand.  Some of the upgrades to this home include:

  • Crown molding through out home
  • Custom paint
  • Upgraded kitchen cabinetry
  • Upgraded kitchen counters – corian
  • Upgraded kitchen appliances
  • Upgraded water heater – this is a hybrid unit to help with energy efficiency
  • Custom built shelving in master bedroom
  • Custom built shelving in guest bedroom
  • Upgraded doors

Truth is there is a lot of nice features to this home, and they are too many to list.  Check out some of the below photos of the interior of this home:

6436 W Beverly Rd Laveen Az 85339

6436 W Beverly Rd Laveen Az 85339

6436 W Beverly Rd Laveen Az 85339

6436 W Beverly Rd Laveen Az 85339

6436 W Beverly Rd Laveen Az 85339

6436 W Beverly Rd Laveen Az 85339


Oh, I forgot, I did mention that the kitchen is nicely upgraded too right?   See kitchen below.  Also, not that the home does have solid wood floors in kitchen, REAL nice.  

DSC09526 DSC09527 DSC09529 DSC09530 DSC09531 DSC09532 DSC09533 DSC09534

Nice house right?  This home really is the bomb.  Home is only a 2 bedroom home with a one car garage and a relatively small yard.  Yet, this is exactly what many people would want to have, a low maintenance home that is relatively small (1253 square feet) yet offers room and comfort.  Yes, home is a single family home, 2 story with a garage.  Hope does have a private backyard, which while it is not an oasis full of plants and trees, it does have a well designed and landscaped back yard.  As mentioned before, owner has great pride of ownership and one will see that in the back yard as well.  Very tastefully landscaped back yard, and like front of home with very little maintenance required.  See photos below of back yard:

DSC09562 DSC09564 - Copy DSC09565 DSC09566


Nice back yard right?  Folks this is really and truly a nice home.  I have sold other homes in Avalon Village in Laveen Az 85339 over the years, and this home is really one of the better homes I have seen.  It has great location within the subdivision, and has N/S exposure.  Close to the green belts and has mountain views of South Mountain and the Estrella’s.

Looking to buy a home in Laveen Az 85339?  This home located at 6436 W Beverly Laveen Az 85339 would be a great choice.  Call today to schedule an appointment to view.  David 602.373.6345

Laveen Properties for Sale

Laveen properties come in all sizes and range of prices, so what can you get for your money?

 First consider the location which is really one of the main reasons that Laveen AZ is a popular location for home buyers to consider buying their next home.  Central Laveen AZ, which is about 51st ave and Baseline Rd, is only about a 25 minute street drive from central phoenix.  This makes for real easy commutes for most folks looking to keep work commutes in the lower time frame.  With the I-10 accessible either through Baseline Rd, 35th Ave or 51st Ave, the choice is also available to access multiple more routes via highways.  Regardless, location is great.

Find all Laveen properties for sale by clicking this link

Rogers Ranch Home for sale

Laveen Properties for Sale

Second consider prices in the area and what you can get for your money.  While values have gone up all over the valley of the sun, the affordability in Laveen and South Phoenix is still reasonable.  I can point to one home I currently have under contract, it is priced at $229,000 and is a 3600 square foot home!!!  That is right a 3600 square foot home for $63.62 a square foot.  Not sure how many buyers looking in the Phoenix metro area realize what a great price that is for a home.  This would actually also be for a newer home, built 2006, large lot, and with a 3 car garage and side RV gate. 

What would your payments look like on a great deal for a Laveen property for sale?  Well given a purchase price of $229,000, with a loan amount of $220,000, one could look to pay about $1355 a month.  This would include home owner’s association fee, taxes, mortgage insurance, or in other words pretty much all inclusive.  This is based on current interest for a qualified buyer, with a $10k down payment.  Chances are your payments would vary a bit depending on your credit, the choice of loan ones uses to finance the home, and of course loan amount.

Again, to see all Laveen properties for sale click this link

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Best Laveen Az Realtor

Best Laveen AZ Realtor

 How can you determine find and work with the best Laveen AZ Realtor.  Simple question, but really the answer has several considerations or layers that must be considered

First thing to find out, are you a buyer or a seller?  There are some realtors that work only with buyers and some that work only with sellers.  If you are looking to buy make sure that your agent does indeed work with buyers, or you may not get to see as many homes as you may hope.  If you end up with strictly a listing agent, they will not be so inclined to get out and show you homes, and opportunities may be missed.   A realtor that does work with buyers will also keep a closer eye on properties coming to the market, which as a buyer benefits you because they can make you aware of ALL the properties currently on the market.  As a seller make sure that you do indeed work with a realtor that has listed and sold several homes.  Pricing a home, marketing a home, negotiating a home sale, are all things that take skill and experience and those are accumulated years of successfully selling homes.

Realtors Experience

While it is easily accessible for realtors to find out past sales and number of transactions for an agent, it may not be so easy for the general public.  So where can one find out a little about agents in Arizona?  One place the public can gather information on all realtors is at the Arizona department of real estate website.  At this site you can find out how long an agent has been licensed, and if nothing else it tells how long they have been in the business.  Chances are if they have conducted business for several years and are still in the business, then they have seen some success. 

Another great way to find out about experience it to flat out ask an agent.  How long have you been in the business?  How many homes have you sold?  How do you market your homes or do you have a marketing plan that can be shared? 

Lastly you can help determine a realtors experience by those whom they have served previously, past clients.  Most agents that have accumulated sales over the years will get testimonials from their clients for this very reason.  As an example you can view some of my testimonials on this very site, some written, some by video.  As I have sold many homes, I also have had clients give testimonials on third party sites such as Zillow/Trulia.


Laveen Real Estate Agent

Laveen Real Estate Agent

Why is experience important?  Imagine you are going in for surgery, do you want someone who has never performed on operation to be your surgeon?  It has always fascinated me to see how some home owners or buyers will use a relative/friend who has just gotten their license to help with their real estate purchase or sale.  A real estate transaction involves money, and generally it involves a pretty substantial amount of money.  The lack of experience of an agent on either the sale or purchase side of a transaction can cost a client money.  Not knowing how to best market a home, negotiate a sale or even resolve real estate issues can cost money.  Let me share too, that many real estate transactions will have their little or big hurdles to overcome and that is not the time to have an in-experienced agent.

Bottom line, in considering a best Laveen AZ realtor, look to having an agent with experience

Market knowledge

                A realtor should have a good understanding of the real estate market in general.  As mentioned before having knowledge for buyers on new homes to the market, or as a seller’s agent what new competition is being faced is very important.  Beyond that though an agent should help you as their client understand the current real estate market and trends.  Is the current real estate market favorable to buyers or to sellers?  Are prices going up or are the prices of homes going down?  As a buyer, will you be facing a lot of competition in the purchasing of your home?  As a seller are you going to be competing for buyers in the market?  As a seller, is the market such that you should expect to have to help pay for buyers closing fees?  Having an agent understanding the current real estate market will help you determine what you can expect in either the purchase or sale of your home.

I’m also a firm believer that an area specialist, truly will know the market better than other agents.  While I do sell and help buyers all over the metro valley, I know more about Laveen, South Phoenix real estate than I do about other areas.  As an area specialist I do keep track of new listings, recent sales, market conditions so that I can advise my clients accordingly.

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Presence online

                Can you find the realtor on-line?  Buyers begin their home search on-line so is your listing agent easy to find online?  National statistics now show that about 95% of home buyers start their home search on line.  As a seller you’d likely want to make sure an agent has a good presence on-line to help maximize your exposure to the 97% of buyers searching.  This also can go hand in hand with an agent who specialized in an area, has good on-line presence, because the chances are better they will procure buyers specifically in area you are selling.  Ask yourself, would a Tucson/Tempe/Scottsdale realtor be spending marketing money to attract Laveen buyers?  If all an agent does is place home on MLS, then no additional work is being done to market your home to a larger audience, and this limits exposure of your home. 


Communication is really another very important factor to separate average realtors from the best realtors.  When you call them on the phone or e-mail/text do the respond within a reasonable amount of time?  Regardless of whether it is a buyer looking to contact their agent to view a home, or a seller to ask a question, or even another realtor checking availability of a listing being able to respond in a timely manner is important.  Bad communication is one of the main reasons real estate clients are dissatisfied with their realtors.  If you can never reach your agent to schedule a viewing of a property, how will you ever secure a purchase?  If a seller has trouble reaching their agent, chances are other agents trying to schedule a showing or check availability are having trouble as well…….and this leads to lost potential buyers.

How do you know if an agent is a good communicator?  Call them up, and see if they answer their phone.  If a message if left, how soon do they take to respond?  In all fairness though, do make sure to give the agent some time to call back, as they may be out showing homes and currently working with a client.  I myself try not to answer the phone when working with clients, but I do return calls within a pretty short period of time.

Hope this article sheds helps to give considerations when searching for the best Laveen AZ realtor to help with your real estate needs.  Feel free to call if you have any questions 602.373.6345 or dabaker21@msn.co


Laveen Homes for Sale in Rogers Ranch 6308 S 45th Dr Laveen 85339

Great new listing this week, and another Laveen home for sale.  This home for sale is in Rogers Ranch.


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1369 Square Feet

This is a magnificent 3 bedroom to bath home with larger lot located in Rogers Ranch in Laveen Az. Home is better than move in ready condition, with carpeting in all the right areas, large upgraded tile flooring and custom painted interior. Home has also been recently painted on exterior so it looks SHARP. Large lot with synthetic grass, putting green, and chipping area. Lot is one of larger lots in subdivision with plenty of room for a pool if wanted. Covered back patio with extended an extended patio. Large master bedroom with walk in closet, separate shower and large tub. This is a t…

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Finding a Laveen Az Realtor

How do you go about finding a Laveen Az realtor?

In the world we live in today this question is very simple to answer, jump on the internet and goolge, bing or yahoo “Laveen Realtor”.  Chances are you will get a several pages worth of information for potential candidates to consider for help with either buying or selling a Laveen Az home.

Of course the reason for this blog as well is to make sure you work with the right Laveen Realtor.  If you’ve found this blog post and likely my website, you can view information about the Laveen Az area.  The site will offer you the ability to search all active homes currently on the market in Laveen Az.  Not only that but I blog monthly on recent sales in Laveen Az and some of the bigger home subdivisions in the area to help folks get a feel for home values in Laveen.  I tell you this and give you all this information because this is all information that as a potential home buyer or seller you want to have access to for making an informed decision with your transaction.

So you’ve found choices for a Laveen Az Realtor, how do you choose the right one?  Not sure I have a 100% perfect answer for all folks, but I can give you an idea of what I consider important.  First thing for considering the right Laveen Az Realtor, is do they know the area and understand the market.  Ask questions about the area so you can see if they do but also to begin to understand the market as a buyer or seller.  Do they know how many months inventory, average home values, number of home sales in area, average days on market are all good indicators that a Laveen Az Realtor understands and knows his area.  Second thing I would recommend is find a Laveen Az realtor that is easy to communicate with and to get a hold of.  Depending on the market we are experiencing getting your Realtor to show you a home within a reasonable time if very important, or you could miss your chance at the home.  As an example while we were experiencing a shortage of homes on the market in 2012 and 2013, homes would have multiple offers within the 1st day.  If you did not have a Laveen Az realtor who could go out and show you homes quickly, likely you missed your opportunity.  Do they call you back.  Why work with a Laveen Az realtor if you can’t rate high enough with them to get a call back within a reasonable time frame.

Are you a home seller looking for the right Laveen Az Realtor to represent and market your home?  Find out if they have a good marketing strategy to get your home high visibility on the internet as well as showings of your home.  Do they have past client testimonials.  As for myself, find here some testimonials from past clients that have had me as their Laveen Az Realtor.  Feel free to call me and ask how I can help you sell your Laveen  home.  Yes, I would love to be your Laveen Az Realtor.