The best way to discover your homes current market value is to review Recent Laveen Homes Sold.  This is actually the method used by appraisers to determine value when they are conducting the valuation on a property for financing.  The appraiser will review Recent Laveen Homes Sold within a close proximity to the subject property, and try to stay within 20% of livable square footage as well as property size.  Reason the appraiser will do this is to compare similar homes when determining value.  So, if you’d like to stay up to date with your home’s value, keep on eye on my blog about Recent Laveen Homes Sold, which will help keep the pulse of your Laveens home value.

If you are considering selling, i would recommend not only keeping track of Recent Laveen Homes Sold but also consider a specific property valuation.  A home valuation will be a specific to your home, and will look at Recent Laveen Homes Sold that are the closest to your own home.  I can’t speak for all Laveen realtors, but as for myself, when I give a free home market evaluation i also share what is currently going on in the Laveen real estate market.  This will allow not just consideration of Recent Laveen Homes Sold, but also a review of your competition and market conditions.

If you’re ready for a FREE market evaluation, feel free to contact me or request one here.  If you looking to stay up to date on Recent Laveen Homes Sold, read on.  I will continue to update sales monthly so you can see Recent Laveen Homes Sold in popular subdivisions.

January 2018

Find below the information to start the 2018 calendar year:

109 properties currently for sale

76 properties under contract

57 properties sold in December 2017

$237,914 was average sale price

$112.08 was avg./$ square foot

66 was average days on market

Commentary – Starting off the year pretty much as we left off, which is to say a seller market.  Values have increased since this time last year, about 9%.

December 2017

Find below the latest information for Laveen real estate, market values and trends, as well as recent sale information:

126 properties currently for sale

87 properties under contract

72 properties sold in November

$247,096 was average sale price

$112.54 was average $/sq foot for homes sold

76 was average time on market, for homes that sold

Commentary – Not really much change, actually as we close out the year I can say that this has been a VERY stable year in the Laveen real estate market.  Values have shown slow appreciation, and the inventory level has been constant……..which this year is to say inventory was steady and LOW.   This in turn really translates into a great time to consider selling.

Homes DO sell during the holidays.

November 2017

Find below the latest information for recent Laveen home sales, which of course can help show trends for our local real estate market:

134 properties currently for sale

94 properties under contract

60 properties sold in October 2017

2.23 months inventory/turnover rate

$243,933 was average sale price

$108.64 was average $/sq ft

61 was average time to sell

Commentary – Inventory turnover remains about the same, which of course keeps us in a Seller market.  This does mean we continue in the seller market and of course means a great time to sell.  Again, this marks about 4 full years of appreciation!

We did see a drop in active homes for sale, and also a drop in number of monthly closings.  This of course is normal, as we do see a seasonal slowing going into the holidays – which are coming fast.  Keep in mind HOMES STILL SELL in the holidays, just not as many.

October 2017

Find below the latest and greatest, the most current information for Laveen homes, values and trends:

151 properties currently for sale

89 properties under contract

68 properties sold in September 2017

2.22 months inventory

46 was average time for homes sold

$239,707 was average sale price

$114.72 was average $sq ft

Commentary – Not much change from months past, with a low level of inventory and a continued seller market.  We have started to see a slowdown that is customary as we come out of the summer months.  Values hold steady, and prediction are that we will continue with this type of market, and continued slow appreciation.

September 2017

Below is latest information for Laveen Az sales:

144 properties for sale

106 properties under contract

75 sales in August

1.92 months current inventory

$235,209 was average sale price

$113.36 was average $/sq ft

64 was average time to sell

Commentary- In all, it continues to be a seller market.  This in essence, means it continues to be a good time to sell, as sellers have the upper hand.  With low inventory, buyers are many times having to compete a bit for homes.  Yet, I am not seeing a huge amount of craziness out there, buyers are buying and paying market value but not over.  So price it right, and you may be able to negotiate a better NET, because………all homes I’m seeing are being purchase by LOANS.  So, it will have an appraisal, and value MUST be there, if not the deal will fall apart.

Price it right, get it sold.

August 2017

The most recent sales information below:

145 properties for sale

100 properties under contract

81 properties sold last in July

$106.93 was average price per square foot

$236,218 was average sale price

48 was average time to sell

1.79 is current inventory

Commentary – While we do see some fluctuation in inventory, number of active homes, all is what I would call very steady.  It continues to be a steady seller market, and with values having appreciated for 4 years now, still a GREAT time to sell.

Many publications I’ve read, and some indicators point to a possibility of a housing slow down.  Will it happen?  In the end, only time will tell.

July 2017

Below are the most recent numbers, for the month ending June 2017

154 properties for sale

145 properties under contract

112 sold in June

$234,631 was average sale price

$108.95 was average $/sq foot for sold homes

1.38 months inventory of all property types

48 was average days to sell

Commentary – Not much to say, it continues to be a seller market, with low inventory, especially in the under $225,000 price range.  Homes are still selling quick, but not over ask price.  Notice days on market for sold is 48, yet active average is 66, showing many may be overpriced.

June 2017

Below find the most current numbers, these for the month ending May 2017:

150 properties active and for sale

144 properties under contract

89 properties sold in May 2017

$110.84 was average $/sq ft

$235,620 was average sale price

1.68 current months inventory

66 was average days on market

Commentary – Really not much change.  We continue in a seller market, interest rates are still low, so in my mind great time to both buy or sell.

May 2017

Below is the current and recent sales for month ending April 2017:

156 properties currently for sale

138 properties under contract

72 properties sold in April

2.16 months inventory

$111.59 was average $/sq ft

$220,109 was average sale price

47 was average days on market

Commentary – Values are still holding pretty steady, with of course some year over year appreciation.  Inventory still continues pretty low, so we continue in a seller market.    Even though we are in a seller market, the average for the month was a sale on average 1% less than the ask price.  Point is, we are in a seller market, homes priced below $250,00o are selling pretty fast.  Homes over that price, well market changes a bit more toward a transitional market.

April 2017

156 properties for sale

114 properties under contract

84 properties sold in March 2017

1.85 months of inventory

$110.90 was average dollar per square foot

$231,284 was average sale price

72 was average days on market

Commentary – Can’t really add anything exciting to the Laveen real estate market update.  The last year has pretty much been the same, it is a seller market.  Inventory remains low, and homes in the lower price levels are selling pretty quickly.

That being said, it is a GREAT time to sell.  Values have gone up steadily since 2013.  The biggest jump in 2013 itself, but slow appreciation since then.  Many home owners are no longers upside down, and equity has returned.  Yet for some reason, many homeowners are not selling yet, and inventory remains low……..great time to sell.

March 2017

137 properties currently for sale

115 properties currently under contract

65 properties sold in February 2017

2.1 months of current inventory

74 was the average days on market for homes sold

$110.37 was the average $/sq ft

$237,254 was average sale price for month

Commentary – Well, overall the Laveen real estate market continues on as it has been.  It is a seller market, with a low level inventory of homes.  Homes are on average selling in around the 2 month period of time, and for within 3% of original list price.  We did see a 8% increase in number of units sold vs. year previous.  We did also see a increase in home values comparing values from a year ago per square foot of about 10%.  In short, we see a seller market, with normal appreciation and it continues to be a good time to sell.

February 2017

135 properties are currently for sale

103 properties currently under contract

57 properties sold in January 2017

2.37 is current absorption rate or inventory

64 was average days to sell for sold homes

$106.10 was average $/sq ft

$210,344 was average sale price

Commentary – Well, with the current 2.37 absorption rate, the market is still a seller market.  Though we did see a growth over the previous month’s inventory, the market still does favor sellers.  This is more true for homes that are under the $225,000 mark.

Good time to sell?  Sure, it is a great time.  Home values have gone up over the last 3 years, and most folks now have equity again.  We are not likely to see the double digit increases as we did in the last years, as that was a correction happening.  At this point, we are likely to see normal, slower appreciation.

January 2017

Here is how we are starting the year with my ongoing article on recent laveen sales:

142 properties actively for sale

98 properties under contract

85 properties sold December 2016

1.67 is current inventory level

65 was average days on market

$106.33 was average $/sq ft

$230,034 was average sale price

We have seen appreciation as stated in December.  Values have risen a bit, though I would call the Laveen market stable.  Homes that are selling are selling relatively quick, and those over priced, well they sit on market.  Homes for the month sold on average for 1% under their list price.  Looking at the active properties, they are on average listed for $11 a square foot MORE than the average for solds.  Pricing a home right, is KEY to making sure it sells.

December 2016

Last entry for the year, and then we will be giving you updates for 2017.  Year did see a lot of sales in Laveen, actually about 897 give or take year to date at time of this posting.  Likely we will end up over 900 or so for the year.  Not the most sales we have ever seen in Laveen, but it is a really healthy real estate year.

159 active properties for sale

137 properties currently under contract

86 homes sold month ending November 2016

$109.62 was average price a square foot

$214,213 was average sale price

71 was average time to sell

1.85 months of current inventory

So we did see appreciation, if you look at average home values for December 2015 vs 2016 you will see at least a 4% increase.  Course one could also look at average dollar a square foot and you’ll see a 10% increase.  Which is right?  Truth is, statistics are all in the way you slice them, but I can tell you this………home values have gone up in Laveen for the year.  Will this trend continue in 2017?  Time will tell but some factors that will contribute to it will be interest rates, the labor market and the over all economy.  Interest rates have been at all time lows for several years, and are predicted to begin increasing.  This may lead to less affordability for many, as purchase power will go down.  As to the economy and labor, indications are that we have recovered from the recession.

November 2016

Wow, year has been going fast.  Here we are with only 2 months left, and the holiday is right around the corner.

173 properties for sale

139 properties under contract

81 properties sold October 2016

$140,000 was the low sale

$480,000 was the high sale

$230,213 was the average sale

55 was average days on market for homes sold

2.13 current months inventory

Again, it is pretty steady.  Values are holding, actually appreciating so far this year, and inventory continues on the low side.  It is a seller market.

October 2016

Lets review numbers for the month ending September 2016 and see how the Laveen real estate market is doing.  For specific subdivisions, look further under the Recent Laveen homes sold tab.

169 properties currently for sale

128 properties under contract

80 properties sold in the month of September

$155,000 was the low sale

$538,000 was the high sale

$225,936 was the average

77 was average days on market for homes sold

2.11 is the inventory for the month

Pretty steady as she goes in the market.  Laveen continues in a seller market, and we did see a slight increase in the market inventory.  Homes are still selling, and many priced right go under contract pretty  quickly.


September 2016

The month of August 2016 has just wrapped up, and we can now look back at recent sales information, and see if there are any significant changes.

147 active properties for sale

165 properties under contract

115 closed transactions in August

$105.74 was the average dollar a square foot

$212,346 was average sale price

53 was average time to sell

$111,100 was the lowest sale

$402,000 was highest sale

1.42 is absorption rate or months inventory

We currently do have less inventory than we have had in years past, at this point we continue in a seller market.  Homes that are listed at market value are selling fast, especially those under $225,000.  Values hold steady, with some fluctuation as you can see throughout this year, though some appreciation is evident.  Time to sell, also consistent.

At this time, no real changing trends, things appear to be continuing as they have been.


August 2016

Welcome to this post and edition of what is occurring in the Laveen real estate market.  Below are active properties and sold information for homes for month of July 2016.

183 properties currently actively for sale in Laveen

150 properties currently under contract

95 properties sold in July 2016

$100.18 was average $/sq foot for homes sold

$216,126 was average sale price

60 was average days on market

$140,000 was the low sale price

$447,000 was the highest sale in Laveen for July 2016

1.92 is absorption rate or market inventory.  Laveen continues to experience a seller market, especially in the lower price ranges.


July 2016

So again, in case you are a first time reader, I will be looking at current homes on market as well as homes sold in last month.

165 properties currently for sale

162 properties currently under contract

89 properties sold in month of June 2016

$106,500 was the low sale price

$425,000 was the high sale price

$214,977 was the average sale price

53 was average time to sell homes – those that sold of course

1.85 is current absorption/market inventory – this is a seller market still

This is the RIGHT time to sell if you’re considering.  Home values have gone up a fair amount staring back in January of 2013.  Also, with lower inventory homes are selling relatively quickly, as seen with the 53 days on average time to sell.


June 2016

Lets look at numbers for the month ending May 2016.

179 properties for sale

159 properties under contract

106 properties closed in May 2016

$102.11 was the average price/square foot for homes that sold

$213,653 was average sale price

77 was average days on market

1.68 month inventory at this time

Over all, not much has changed since last month.  I really have a hard time trying to make the post interesting, because there really is not much change or fluctuation in the Laveen market.  We are currently in full summer sales mode, where we do see a higher number of homes sold, mostly because families tend to make their move at this time of the year.  Over all though, the market has been steady all year.  Yes some fluctuation on $/sq foot but all within reason, and if you look at the last several months you notice averages have been pretty close to the $100 a square foot mark.  If you have any specific questions, please don’t hesitate to call.

May 2016

A look at month ending April 2016 numbers.

159 properties for sale

163 properties under contract

79 properties sold in Laveen April 2016

$98.41 was average $/sq ft

$205,878 was average sale price

64 was average days on market

We are in a seller market in Laveen.  While the market does benefit the seller though, the majority of closings are selling under list price, and often will seller assisted closing cost help to buyers.  Don’t kill the messenger, but that is what is being seen.  Homes under $200,000 are selling pretty fast, those over are selling at a slower pace.  Looking over 300K, and now it is a buyer favored market.  Looking to sell, well know your market in order to put together best sales strategy.

April 2016

151 properties currently for sale in Laveen

160 properties under contract

83 properties sold in Laveen month of March 2016

$137,000 was the low sale price

$350,000 was the high sale price

$204,942 was average sale price for month

$103.51 was average $/sq ft for homes sold

63 was average days to sold

Laveen Arizona recent home sales and current inventory point to the fact that the area is experiencing a seller market.  This has been the case for several months at this point, and likely will continue for the near future, baring some unforeseen occurrence.  Interest rates remain low, there is some great first time home buyer programs, and buyers are indeed buying.  The prices that sell the fastest are the below $250,000 range, with the over $250,000 range actually being in a buyer market.  It pays to know your market, and your competition.

March 2016

149 properties currently for sale

142 properties under contract

54 properties sold in February 2016

$135,000 was the low sale

$361,500 was the high sale

$217,395 was the average sale price

$100.30 was average sale price per square foot for month ending February 2016

70 was average days on market for homes sold

Homes are selling in the Laveen real estate market.  Yet, as any realtor in the Laveen area should be able to tell you, those homes that are selling are the ones that are priced right.  Notice the average days for sold homes, compare to the active days on market which is currently 89.  What is happening, is that some sellers feel they want to get either over ask price  or at the very least over price the home and leave room to haggle.  Problem is, that homes that are over priced are not being shown, and as such are not receiving offers.  After a period of time with no offers on homes, or showings on the home, the sellers will begin price drops.  Once property gets to market value, it begins to show.

Feberuary 2016

153 properties on the market for sale

130 properties under contract

41 properties sold in January 2016

$115,500 was the low sale

$500,000 was the high sale

$206,451 was the average sales price for homes sold

76 was average days on market

98% was average sales to list price

What is going on in Laveen home values and real estate market trends in Laveen?  Well a key indicator at this time is the absorption rate or market inventory, which based on active properties and recent sold is at 3.6 months.  This is technically a buyer market, though you’ll notice more of a transitional market at the lower price ranges.  In the end, if homes are priced right, they are getting some showings and potentially selling.


January 2016

175 active properties on the market for sale in Laveen Az

97 properties under contract

93 properties sold in Laveen the month of December 2015

$127,000 was the low sale

$475,000 was the high sale

$212,706 was the average sale price

71 was the average time on market.
Wow, what a month for Laveen real estate.  We saw a huge number of closings, and this really was not normal.  There was 93 closings, which is what we may see during the summer months, which is a time of higher number of sales.  Inventory is a little low right now, and we have about 1.88 months of inventory/absorption.  This is what is generally a seller market, by the numbers.  Of course the high number of sales, off season is kind of throwing us for a curve.  Homes are indeed selling, but only those priced correctly.

December 2015

You can find the below chart under the seller tab, on the Laveen Market updates section.  Lets us look at numbers as of today for all Laveen and see what is happening.

174 active properties for sale in Laveen Az

143 properties currently under contract

56 Homes sold in Laveen Az last 30 days

60 was average days on market for those sold

$99.03 was average $/sq ft

$206,055 was average sale price

$335,900 has been the highest sale Price

3.11 is current turnover rate/inventory

Homes are still selling, even though we are going into the holidays.  We have seen an increase of active listings, and slowdown of closings, though this is a seasonal occurrence.  Home values have increased this year by about 5% give or take.  Word to describe the year, stable.  Values have been very consistent.  Inventory has been growing steadily, as has the absorption, which should trend continue further will be to the buyers benefit.  Already we are seeing a slow down of the multiple offers.  To sell a house in today’s market, need aggressive marketing, huge exposure and being well priced.  Numbers are showing, with a lot of certainty, homes that are not priced well are NOT selling.

November 2015,

Lets look at recent sales data for the month ending October 2015 for the Laveen Az real estate market.

Laveen Stats

Number of active listings, depicted in the top left chart shows an increase which has not been trending for about 4 months.  Also, sales in the same graph, though in my opinion are very stable are showing the seasonal slowdown.  With increase in active listings, decrease in sales, we are seeing that for all properties in Laveen Az – we are now over the 3 months absorption rate.  Translation, we are leaving the seller market we have experience for a majority of 2015, and entering a transitional/buyer market.  If one was to look specifically at single family homes, or even laveen az horse property, one would see a good bit over 3 months inventory, which is a buyer market.

I had wondered about the disparity last month with the hike in average/median sale price.  It was indeed because of an uncharacteristic number of horse properties and higher end homes that sold, and now we see that avg/median sales prices came back down.  On average homes are still selling for about $180,000 in the Laveen Area.  Keep in mind, this is basing the entire zip, and lumping all properties together.  The point is you really want to look at more specific homes if thinking of selling, or call me to review the market, the home value and marketing strategies.

October 2015

Laveen Stats September

So what is our handy chart showing us about Real Estate in the Laveen Area?  Well, listings that are active are starting to increase and have been increasing now for 3 straight months. Number of monthly sales are down, but this has been very stable based on previous year numbers, so we are still selling.  We had been approaching 3 months absorption rate/inventory, based on the above chart but saw a slight decrease in month ending September.  Funny thing though, I chart my numbers as well on a weekly basis, and I show that for single family homes alone we have been increasing and will likely be at 3 months by November.  Saw a pretty significant increase in the average/median sale price for month ending.  I think time will show that the number was skewed a bit because we saw several higher end homes sell in the month – not usually the case.  Lets check on that next month and see what happens, because over all the avg/median sales price had been extremely consistent.  Regardless, you can see that some home owners are still over listing homes, as the average/median list price is still over that of sale price by about 15-20 thousand.

Lastly, the list to sold ratio tells the story that homes that sell at their original list price are selling on average about 3% under list price.  Those home that sell that were over priced, still sold under their LAST list price as well, and that is after price drops.

In a nut shell, we are still in a seller market but appear to be heading to a buyer market should current trends continue.

September 2015

Listings are starting to go up in Laveen, which may be the start of some change in the Laveen real estate landscape.  Sales have continued steady, of course we saw the summer seasonal increase, but we are starting to see it level off as it does this time of year.  We are seeing that the absorption rate/months inventory is starting to grow a little.  Should this trend keep up we may find that we have moved from a seller market to more of a transitional/buyer market.  Should this happen, the upper hand which has been leaning toward the seller may see a change to benefit the buyer.  Prices have continued pretty steady, though we saw an increase over the course of the last year, slight it best, which is to say not much.

Keep an eye out, we may be seeing a change in the next month!  If considering selling, make sure you know what is going on, or at least that the agent you choose should!

Laveen Az Stats August 2015

August or Month ending July 2015

Well, over all the real estate market in Laveen Az continuous as it has been.  Pretty steady over all, I like to say.  If you look at the attached statistics provided through the multiple listing service, one can view several things about the market.

Laveen Stats Listing and Sale price July


So one can see based on the left chart, that for the last 12 months inventory has been on the decline.  Yet we did stabilize in May through today, and actually see a slight increase in inventory in July.  Sales which is the black line on the left chart, shows of course the summer seasonal increase, yet overall it has been very steady with number of sales.  What is still very interesting is that the chart on the right shows that the average median sales price has been very consistent.  Anywhere from about $168,000 to about $178,000 give or take.  Some months we have higher values sales like horse property, and other months not, so it does have some fluctuation.  Over all though, as I keep track of average of $/sq ft. has been pretty consistent.  Biggest thing to note as a seller, homes are not on average selling for over market value.  Notice in right chart the average median sales price (black line) vs. the average median active list price (red line).  There is a big spread, and those homes over priced are active for a reason.  People/buyers are not paying over market value, even if we have a low level of inventory and it is a seller market.  I f you would like a view at information for South Phoenix market updates, visit my website at

July 2015

I like to start saying again, as always, these numbers are from the entire zip code.  If your looking to sell a specific home, you really should use similar homes to help determine value.  Need help, call a Laveen realtor such as myself, and we will be happy to help.  Lets examine the MLS statistics charts for the month ending (and last 12 months) for number of active listings, sold and average sales prices.

Recent Laveen Sales

Recent Laveen Sales

The the first chart above on the left will the number of active listings as well as those sold over the last 12 months.  The red line is the active homes on the market, and we can see that over the last 12 months the inventory level has been dropping, though we see a little increase over the last month.  Being summer, and our busiest time of the year in real estate in the valley of the sun,  you can see that the number of homes sold has increased a bit.  This is a seasonal trend, and happens every summer.  Over all the number of sales has been very consistent.  While not seen in the charts above the number of months inventory we currently have on hand is shy of 3 months, and even less for single family homes.  Yes, a seller market.  This of course benefits the seller and with the reduced inventory of homes buyers are having to compete a little for those homes currently available.  So are homes selling above asking prices, or above market value?  The above chart shows the disparity between the active median list price and the sold median list price.  What is interesting is that the chart shows a gap of about $38,000 of where some sellers think there home will sell, and where the average home is actually selling.  It appears that buyers are competing for active homes on the market, but they are not paying above market value.  Makes sense when the vast majority of homes being purchase are using financing.  Let us not forget that financing a home requires an appraisal, and the value must be there for the loan to be made.  No value at the purchase price, no loan.

Here are the numbers this month:

148 Active properties for sale in Laveen Az

146 Active single family homes for sale

146 homes currently under contract

92 recent homes sold in Laveen Az

$92.67 was the average $/sq ft. for homes sold

$204,145 was the average sale price

$445,000 was the highest sale price in June 2015 for Laveen

June 2015

Again, what better way than reviewing recent sales to determine home value.  Well, if your interested in selling, it is best to look toward similar homes within your subdivision, size and more.  Yet, for this article, we will lump the 85339 zip code into one large category.  So the month ending May 2015 saw a total of 68 homes sold.  The average sale price was $190,361 with an average dollar per square foot of $87.80.  We are seeing that inventory continues pretty low, but over all home values have been consistent at best.  While it in normal to see values going up when inventory is low, that has not been the case so far.  We are currently at the lowest inventory we have had since 2013.  The current inventory is that of 1.96 months, which is in a seller market.  While we are seeing competition for well priced homes, buyers still do not appears to be over paying for homes.  Again, in short, values are steady.  Most homes appear to be selling below their original list price, by on average 2%.

130 Active homes for sale in Laveen

159 homes currently under  contract

Hope this helps.  Considering selling, give me a call and let us review your specific home value.  David 602.373.6345


May 2015

Well, going on the below chart provided by the local MLS, where do we stand with Laveen Real Estate – Lets dive in!!

Laveen - Stat may

Not that you can see the above chart that well, but let me explain.  Inventory while it has been decreasing saw a little increase this month ending.  Also, month inventory went up a slight bit as well, due to that increase in active listings.  What is interesting is days on market, 3rd graph on left, shows decrease of days on market for homes sold.  So because of smaller inventory homes listed at a good price, are selling pretty quick.  We are still seeing a pretty large disparity of about $35,000 from what some sellers think their homes are worth, and what homes are on average selling for, top right chart.  Also the list to sell ratio is still showing that on average homes are selling for about 2.5% less than original list price.  Those that had price drops, even multiple price drops, are on average also selling for 1% on average below list after price drops. Pays to price it right!!

It is a good time to sell, as we are coming into the busier real estate market.  Late spring, summer are the best times for buying/selling real estate in Phoenix and Laveen.

April 2015

I have shared this on another page, but frankly it is really important stuff, so here goes again.

It is really starting to shape up to be a great time to consider selling your home in Laveen at this time.  The reason, there is a lower inventory of homes and this makes it a sellers market.  Yes, going by the numbers we are at less than 3 months inventory and this tends to favor sellers.  While you may not see the multitude of offers that were coming in in years past, you will see good activity on your home.  That being said, it still must be priced right!  We are still seeing average days on market going up, and the spread between the average list price to sale price is about $35,000 difference.  This just goes to show, buyers are buying, but they are not over paying for homes.

139 active homes for sale in Laveen

140 homes currently under contract

80 homes sold in Laveen last month March 2015

$89.51 average $/sq.ft properties sold

$189,405 average price of home sold in Laveen in March

99 days on market, average for homes sold

$110,000 lowest home sale in laveen in March

$500,000 highest home sold in Laveen in March

February, 2015

Inventory levels are dropping, and with that home sellers have a better chance at selling!!  Yes, we are at least for the time, in a seller market for Laveen single family homes.  While the numbers do show a 2.6 month inventory, we are still not seeing other tell tale signs of a normal seller market.  Those might include multiple offers, and possible price increases.  Actually prices have been incredibly stable, days on market for homes sold has been going up, and homes are selling for less than list price.  This last comment, is likely due to homes being listed above market value, and taking longer to sell after price drops.

See chart below to follow activity for month ending February 2015.

Laveen Market Update

Laveen Market Update

January 2015

The month ending January 2015  saw about 5o homes sold for the month, which is up from the sales closed in the same time 2014.  Over all the Laveen real estate market continuous on a stable course.  Values have not been going up or down, so that indicates stability.  Looking at numbers or averages for the year ending 2014, we saw homes stay within the $180,000  to $200,000 range.  Of course those values when looking at the zip code as a whole can vary depending on what sells in any given month.  January sells as mentioned saw an increase vs. the same time last year.  The interesting thing is that we actually have less inventory today, than we did one year ago.  Yes inventory 1 year ago was 4.6 months, and today we are at 3.5 months.  This may help sellers a bit, as the reduced inventory gives buyers a little less selection to choose from when buying.

169 Homes currently for sale

111 Homes under contract

51 homes sold January 2015

$202,156 average sales price for homes sold January 2015

$92.14 average dollar per square foot sold.

Caution – I would not recommend using the above $pr/ft as a way to determine value of your home.  This number is based on ALL homes sold in Laveen for the month, and gives an average.  This will likely not be the value of your home, as you must compare similar properties.

December 2014

Lets look at the month ending numbers for Laveen Az, the month of December 2014.  Much like before, the year can be best explained as steady.  We saw a pretty steady number of listings, pretty steady number of closings, and over all a pretty steady value of homes.  While indicators early in 2015 and economists say 2015 can see housing market recover more, I don’t think we can plan on any double digit increases in value, that is not likely to happen again.

177 Active homes for sale

92 Homes currently under contract

55 Homes sold and closed in Laveen Az for month ending December

$186,683 Average price of home sold in December 2014

$114,900 Lowest sale price

$373,000 highest sale price

November 2014

What has been happening with Laveen for the month ending November 2014?  Boring year, not much change one way or the other.  We are still in a pretty good buyer market with 4.48 months inventory.  Prices have remained pretty stable for most of the year, and while we are slowing down for the holiday, homes still are selling.

Active homes 202

95 homes currently under contract

45 homes sold in Laveen November 2014

$189,166 average sales price

$123,900 Lowest price in Laveen November 2014

$330,0000 highest sale price in Laveen November 2014


October 2014

Welcome to recent Laveen homes sold for month ending October 2014.  The market is continuing on a steady course, and we have not really seen values fluctuate much, which has been the norm for almost a year at this point.  We still have a little over 4 months inventory of homes for Laveen at this point in time.  We are also going into our slower season, but do keep in mind we still see many homes sell in the holiday season.  So if you are considering selling, if home is marketed correctly it will sell.

Looking at the numbers:

212 Active homes for sale in Laveen Az

62 Homes sold in Laveen Az for month of October

$189,428 Average sales price for homes sold

$120,000 Lowest home sale in Laveen Az in October

$326,000 Highest price home sale in Laveen in October

94 Average days on market for homes sold

September 2014

For the review month ended September 2014, lets review a chart I’ve downloaded from the regional multiple listing service.  For those who are not familiar the MLS as it is called, is the real estate portal all real estate agents use to list and market their homes within the real estate community.  Also, the mls provides internet widget or feeds to many realtor websites that show active or current homes for sale.  The bottom line, is that it is the ware house for all our housing information including current homes on the market and sales dating back for several years.

Today, I will be using the attached chart to show what is going on in the Laveen real estate market.  Number of listings top left of chart will show an increase in inventory for Laveen over the course of the last year.  We are also seeing an increase in new listings to the market compared to the same time last year.  The number of homes that sold in the Month of September was 72 sales, which give or take was about the same as last year.  So again, more listings on the market now, more new listings, same number of sales, basically is showing a growing inventory which can be seen in 3rd chart as Laveen is at over 4 months inventory.

Last chart shows the sold to list ratios.  We are seeing two trends, one is reduction in list prices and the other is homes selling for less than list.

laveen octover numbers

July 2014

Find below recent Laveen homes sold stats for the month ending June 2014.  We currently have 224 active homes for sale in Laveen Az, ranging in price from $91,900 to $950,000.

79 Recent Laveen homes sold in month of June 2014

$202,868 Average sales price of Laveen Homes sold June 2014

89 is the average days on market for Sold homes in Laveen June 2014.

May 1st 2014

Recent Laveen homes sales statistics for month of April are shown below.  We currently have 224 properties on the market.  Prices for active listings range from $120,000 to $950,000.

68 Recent Laveen homes sold

$183,355 average sales price for Recent Laveen homes sold

76 Average days on market for recent Laveen homes sold.

May 1st 2014

Recent Laveen homes sales statistics for month of April are shown below.  We currently have 224 properties on the market.  Prices for active listings range from $120,000 to $950,000.

86 recent Laveen homes sold

$182,650 average sales price

72 days on market average